Delayed Adoption (Foster to Adopt)


We have addressed a need surrounding "Foster to Adopt" by creating a new system called "Delayed Adoption". 

We have deliberately not used the phrase "Foster to Adopt" as some sites are not allowed to use the word "Foster" even under circumstances such as these. 

This process allows you to mark an animal as being in the custody of the person who intends to ultimately adopt it without having to set them up as a Foster, given they are not true foster homes anyway) and track these animals as "in care" until such a time as the adoption can legally take place. 


This module may not be enabled for your site. If you do not see the relevant links, please contact to enable the module for you. 


To Process a Delayed Adoption

    1. Go to a Person record and scroll down to the Adoption Person Category. In the resulting menu, there will be a new link Delayed Adoption. Click this to go to the next page.

    2. Search for an animal to perform a delayed adoption on and select it. A new white page with two date fields on it will display.

        • The start date should be automatically set to the current date and time. You can amend this by clicking the calendar icon at the end or typing in the date (correct format for your site must be observed).
        • Select an end date by clicking the calendar icon at the end or typing in the date (correct format for your site must be observed). 
    3. Click Update Details to submit the form.
    4. If your site is set up to require a license at the time of adoption, you will be asked to create a Future License here. For more information on how Future Licenses work, click here
    5. The Products & Services page. The products available here are the ones linked to the “Adoption” department/location. 
      • NOTE: if you charge part or full Adoption Fees at this time, you will need to mimic the set up of your Adoption Fee Groups in Products & Services so they are available at this time. 
      • We would also recommend, in the above case, that you create a special Adoption Fee Group that accounts for previously paid fees. Contact if you need advice on how to set this up. 
    6. Click Continue to Receipt
    7. On the Add Receipt page, you will see the Form Picker is now active. Click the Down Arrow to include optional forms for this process:
    8. Once completed, the Delayed Adoption form will display. This form can be set up in Admin > Templated Documents > Receipts > Delayed Adoption
    9. Print the form if you wish or return to the Animal Details page. 
    10. The status will display as Delayed Adoption. This is an IN CARE status, so the animal will continue to show on your in care inventory until such a time as the adoption is finalised. 

To Finalise a Delayed Adoption

Follow this process on or after the agreed upon date when the animal can legally be adopted. 

  1. From the Person Details page scroll down and click on the Adoption Person Category
  2. Click Adopt an Existing Animal
  3. On the resulting search page, either enter the Animal ID number of the pet in question, or search for the status Delayed Adoption
  4. When the search results load, click Adopt against the animal you want to process. 
  5. Complete the Adoption form as normal*
    1. *If you assigned fees via the initial Delayed Adoption process, don't forget to select the Adoption Fee Group that accounts for this now. 
  6. Note that on the Add Receipt page, the Form Picker will not show any options. 
  7. Finalise the receipt to finish the adoption. 


Report: Pre-Outcome Animals (753), also shows on In Care Inventory (226), In Care on Specific Day (646) and other status driven reports. 

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