Managing Staff through Shelter Buddy


Shelter Buddy offers the ability to track specific information regarding staff working for your organisation. We would recommend if using this module, it should be locked down so only key staff can see the contents. For more information on how to do this, click this link: Edit User Access

To set up a staff member:

  1. From the Welcome / Search page, search for the person in question. If they do not already have a file, create one for them. Click here for further information: New Person Procedure
  2. Once the person has been created, click Scroll to bottom
  3. In the Personal Categories at the bottom, locate and click on the one labelled Staff
  4. You will see a small menu and a text box where you can record details of uniforms if required. 
  5. Staff Personel DetailsAlthough this is the last link in the menu, this information must be entered first, before any of the others can be used. Click the link to go to the Add Staff Details page.
    • At the top is a link where histories of Events/Notes/Disciplinary Discussions can be stored. Click the link to add notes, or click the (H) at the end of the link to view the history of previous notes added. 
    • Staff Evaluation FormThis is a self-maintained questionnaire that you can set up yourself via AdminQuestion and Form AdministrationIt contains options to view history and print the form. 
    • Letter of Appointment Issued?: This confirms the individual has received this information.
    • Letter of Appointment signed and returned?: This confirms the individual has fulfilled this requirement.
    • Employment/Terminology Policies and Procedures reviewed / signed and returned? : This confirms the person understands the terms of their employment. 
    • Health and Safety guidelines reviewed / signed: This confirms that the employee is aware of the guidelines for health and safety. 
    • Start Date: Records the date the person's employment commences.
    • Termination Date: Records the date the person left the organisation's employ (does not necessarily signify they were fired).
    • Personal information last updated: This usually refers to information such as emergency contact information and so on. 
    • Tax / Retirement information returned? This confirms this information has been received for use by your accounts team.
    • TFN Number: Some organisations require a Tax File Number or similar to be stored for their staff. This offers a space to record that information.
    • Assigned Location: Largely for use by HR, this simply makes it easier to identify which Physical Location the staff member is assigned to. Very useful for sites with multiple locations. Click the down arrow to select from a list of Physical Locations/Regions. 
    • Position: Click the down arrow to select the staff position the person has been given. NOTE: Options for this list can be loaded via Administration > Edit Drop Down Lists > Staff Positions. 
    • Secondary Position: If an individual works two different roles within the organisation (specifically, for two different departments) the secondary role can be identified here. This list is the same as the first. 
    • Employment Type: Click the down arrow to select from Full Time, Part Time or Temporary, and click the down arrow beneath it to identify if the person is on a Salary or Hourly (Wage). 
      • Once a selection of Salary or Hourly is made, a text box will appear in which you can identify either the Wage per Hour $ or Gross Yearly Salary $
    • Company Vehicle: Identifies the person has been assigned a company vehicle.
    • Staff Account Number: If the staff person has a unique staff code, you may enter it here. 
    • Award, Agreement or Contract: Identifies if the person is employed under an award, an agreement or under contract. 
    • Last Performance Review: Click the calendar to add the date the last time the person had a performance review / check.
    • Euthanasia Accredited? Click to identify the person is qualified to euthanise animals. 
    • Accreditation Expiration: Click the calendar to enter the date the person's euthanasia qualifications expire, if relevant. 
    • Wage Details / Payment Method: Click the down arrow to identify the means by which  the person receives their wages. 
      • If Direct Deposit is selected, additional text boxes will appear where you can record details of the person's financial institution and account details. 
    • Medical Information: Click the (+) at the right-hand end of the blue bar to expand it and enter notes regarding any health restrictions, recent illnesses, or insurance that may be relevant to the person's employment.
    • Computer logins: This section tracks what logins have been issued to the person.
      • Received Shelter Buddy Login and Password: Check the box to confirm the person can log into Shelter Buddy.
      • Network Login: You may record the person's network login name here. This is to prevent  them from getting locked out entirely or can be used by administrators to correct issues. 
      • Network Password:  You may record the person's network login name here. This is to prevent  them from getting locked out entirely or can be used by administrators to correct issues. 
    • General Notes: Record any other relevant information here.
    • Work with children approval verified: in some places, individuals must be cleared to work with children by official governing bodies. You can record here if a person has been cleared officially, and when that clearance was verified. 
    • References and their comments: Any references supplied via interview/application can be recorded here, as well as any comments they may have had about that individual. 
    • Once all relevant information has been added, click Update Details to save. 
    • Click Return to Staff Details to continue.
  6. Add New Animalif your organisation offers special considerations or opportunities for Staff pets, (e.g. free vaccinations) but there is a limit to how many animals this can be extended to, Staff can nominate their pets here. There is a limit to the number  of files that can be added: if this limit needs to be increased or amended in any way, contact
    • Click the link to open a new Add Animal Details page. 
    • Source and Status will default and cannot be changed. 
    • Enter any relevant identification information, such as microchip numbers, license / registration and rabies tags.
    • Add the Animal Name, Age and any mandatory fields.
    • Click update to finish.
  7. Nominate an Existing AnimalThis links an animal that has an existing file as a Staff Animal:
    • Click the link to open an Animal Search 
    • If known, enter the Animal ID into the search box at the top and click View.
    • Alternately, enter whatever is known of the animal e.g. microchip number, license / registration number, rabies tag number, animal name etc. to locate the file and click Search. 
    • The Edit Animal Details page will load. Make sure the status is Information and if no other information needs to be amended, click Update to save and return to the Edit Staff Details menu.
  8. List Existing AnimalsClick the link to find / view any animals previously linked as a Staff nominated pet.
    • Click View on the left of the row to edit the animal's information
    • Click Remove on the right of the row to remove the animal as a nominated staff pet. 
  9. Once the Staff Personnel Details tab has been completed, you will note that the fields relating to Location and Position are now populated. 

*For users with Ad Hoc reporting, Staff Details was included as an entity you can report on at the end of 2016. 

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