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The Form Picker is currently available only on the receipts for Delayed Adoption or Delayed Transfer Out at this time. That may change in future: if you would like to see it activated on other processes, please let us know. 

The Form Picker will show elective forms set up via Administration > Templated Documents Administration > Animal Forms (Printed). It will only offer forms relevant to that transaction (e.g. it will only show spay/neuter agreements if the animal's spay/neuter status is set to either "No" or "Unknown", it will only show Pit Bull Release forms if the Breed contains the words "Pit Bull"). However, this is not an automatic set up. If you would like forms to be available to the Form Picker, set them up in Templated Documents Administration first the contact to complete the process. 


Using the Form Picker: 

  1. Create a Delayed Adoption or Delayed Agency Out receipt. Towards the bottom there will be a multi-select list to select forms. 

    1. Forms that currently can potentially be used here include: Surgery Form, Waiver / Indemnity, Pitbull Release, and the Adoption Contract (e.g. if your adoption form is split into separate Contract and Receipt pages).
    2. For Delayed Agency Out, the Agency Outgoing Contract is included as standard. 
    3. The Adoption Contract will never be pre-selected. 
    4. If any of the forms are applicable to the animal then they should be automatically pre-selected. E.g. the Pit Bull Release will be pre-selected if the breed is Pit Bull. 
  2. Click the down arrow at the end of the Form Picker to expand and see options:
  3. Click on an option to add it to the Form Picker list. You can remove them at any time by clicking the at the end of the form. 
    *Note that the above example is from a Delayed Adoption process. A Delayed Transfer Out process will show the Agency Outgoing Contract instead. 
  4. Save your receipt as normal when completed.
  5. When you print it, the forms you selected will be included in the print string. 

If you require additional forms to be made available to this service, please contact to discuss. 

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