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This document walks you through how to add your own Animal Icons to be displayed on your site and, if applicable, on your public site. NB: there are some icons that are there by default. These cannot be changed or hidden. These icons will not have a Delete/Undelete link visible on the right-hand side of their row.

New icons should be approximately 40x40 px in size.

To add a new Icon:

  1. Go to the Administration link in the orange menu on the left of screen
  2. From the Administration Menu, find the link Maintain Animal Icons
  3. You will see a list of each Icon already loaded on your site, plus a brief description on the left of the image, and buttons to Deactivate (hide) or Edit on the left, and a checkbox you can apply to see deactivated Icons*.
  4. At the top left of this list is a button Add New Icon
  5. Click the button to get a page where you can add a brief descriptor/title for your new icon and upload the image (note: there is a reminder of the size here)
  6. Upload the image just like you would on any other document upload feature & click Save to load the image.
  7. NOTE: once uploaded, icons cannot be completely removed, only hidden from showing on your Animal Details pages by applying the Deactivate button.
    • *Deactivated icons can be reactivated at any time by ticking the Show inactive icons box to display all icons, then select the Activate button next to the one you would like to use once more. 

Animal Icons can be searched via the Advanced Animal Search page, are reportable via reports such as 226 In Care Inventory and 3 Available for Adoption, can be set to appear on your Kennel Cards or Pet Portfolios.

CAUTION: If your Available animals are pushed to a third party or public site (e.g. PetFinder, Adoptapet, SB Public Site portal or API) and you have set the icons to upload to the public site, remember that renaming them on your SB site WILL NOT change the name that appears on the icon on the third party sites. 

To illustrate, if you relabel "No Dogs" to "Dog Reactive", then it will continue to display as "No Dogs" publicly. 

Note also that Adoptapet and Petfinder do not accommodate custom icons. For more information click to view this article.

If the site is a Shelter Buddy public portal or API, then we can assist with this, but for third-party sites, there is nothing we can do. You would need to liaise with them directly for further assistance. 

ReportingAnimal Icons appear on report 226 In Care Inventory and 3 Available for Adoption. They are searchable via the Advanced Animal Search page. 

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