Petfinder / Adoptapet uploading information


We upload to Petfinder every 15 minutes that includes only animals with the status available for adoption & Available for adoption - in foster (we can change this to be other adoption statuses if you need).

 We upload these fields only to Petfinder:

  • Animal ID
  • Animal Photo
  • Animal Type
  • Primary Breed
  • Secondary Breed
  • Mixed
  • Animal Size
  • Animal Age
  • Animal Name
  • Animal Sex
  • Altered
  • Animal Description (including these fields in the description: color, adoptionSummary, weight, age)
  • Status
  • Declawed
  • Housetrained Icon
  • Special Needs Icon
  • Home w/o Small Children Icon
  • Home w/o Cats Icon
  • Home w/o Dogs Icon
  • Up to Date with Shots

NOTE: Petfinder/Adoptapet do not accommodate custom icons or custom changes to icons (e.g. relabelling) - only the icons listed above will display and only with the standard labels. 

You can also customise the statuses PetFinder receive: 

  • A Statuses are available to adopt
  • F Statuses are "found" animals (e.g. stray animals)
  • P Statuses are "Pending" animals
  • H Statuses are "Hold" animals

You can choose which of your statuses are included in these lists. You can only activate one (e.g. just upload to the "A Status" list) or you can use all of them at your discretion. 


On the FTP server there is a config file that maps our fields to pet finder fields (e.g. mapping a breed "gold fish" to "fish").  This is needed to align our data with their data so the 2 separate systems can work together.

You will need to provide us with your login details to access the Pet Finder FTP to get this script up and running.  To apply for an FTP login you can visit this pet finder page page to ask for assistance:

When the auto uploading starts, all existing pets will be taken off the site, and replaced with shelter buddy information (so if you have entered any extra info to these animals that is not on shelter buddy, then this will be lost). It is important to note that you will not be able to manually make changes to animals via the web.  This has the potential to mess up the sync between Shelter Buddy and Petfinder.


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