Introducing Howl to Home


Howl to Home, a downloadable dog to adopter matchmaking app, has partnered with ShelterBuddy to help streamline and promote a quick and safe adoption process! The Howl to Home app was born out of an undeniable yearning to reform the outdated ways of adopting a dog, by empowering rescues and those who wish to adopt a dog with the sole intent to love and provide for that dog as a member of their family!

What makes Howl to Home Different?

In the fun and easy to use the app, there’s an in-depth built-in adoption form for all potential adopters to complete as well as their profile pictures and bio prior to contacting you for one of your adoptable dogs. If you think a potential adopter is a right fit for your dog, you can accept their connection and start a conversation with them to ask further questions and set up a meet and greet. If you don’t think they’re the right fit, you can simply decline. Our goal is to protect the rescues and empower them by limiting the noise they receive daily from potential adopters who may not be the right fit.

Howl to Home also aims to one day keep documentation of each dog (and eventually all adoptable animals) including who the dog was adopted by and where. By keeping a record of each rescue, animal, and adopter together, we can help combat mistreatment of animals, while providing a streamlined, fun and safe way of adopting your new best friend! We would love to start helping your adoptable dogs find their perfect match! 

What do I have to do to get started?

All you have to do is email ShelterBuddy support or howl to home direct to let us know you would like to utilize the Howl to Home platform, and your adoptable pets will be automatically uploaded to the Howl to Home app. This will allow for maximum exposure and create the most successful adoptions as possible, with no extra work from you or your team! And of course, feel free to download and check out the app for yourself. The app is dual-platform, for both rescues and users, and can be managed directly through the app if you don’t have or don’t want to integrate directly through the ShelterBuddy software.

Link to download:

Website for more information and pictures:

Please email with any questions or if you need any help getting started. They would love to hear from you!

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