1. What type of Authentication does the Shelter Buddy MFA utilize?

    A: Shelter Buddy uses OTP (one time password in the form of a 6 digit numerical code)

  2. How will users receive the OTP?

    A: Shelter Buddy will email the code to the email address on record in the users Shelter Buddy Profile. The user is advised of the email address to check when they request the OTP.

  3. What equipment is required for the OTP?

    A: Any device that will allow access to the users designated email.

  4. How long will the code remain valid prior to use?

    A: The code will expire after 5 minutes from the time it was generated.

  5. Can a user request a new code be sent if one is not received?

    A: Yes there is a link on the Login Confirmation page where they can request a new code be emailed to them

  6. Will the user be locked out after a certain number of requests or attempts of inputting the incorrect authentication code?

    A: They have infinite attempts to get the code right, but it won't let them in until they get it right. However, attempting to login with an incorrect username or password 3 times will still lock them out. 

  7. Is there a way of overriding MFA in the case of emergency (ie email server is down)

    A: In the rare event that your users lose access to their email accounts, preventing them from receiving the MFA login token, please contact us support@shelterbuddy.com and have MFA temporarily disabled. We can enable it again once the issue is resolved.

  8. Will the user need to use the multifactor authentication each time they log in even on the same machine on the same day?

    A: Yes. Every login will require new authentication. 

  9. Does the ShelterBuddy MFA only protect ShelterBuddy?

    A: Yes.

  10. What do I need to do to revoke a user’s access? 

    A: You will make the user inactive in ShelterBuddy. The MFA requires the user to be successful in the first step of the login process. In the user is made inactive they will get a message stating that their user name or password for ShelterBuddy is incorrect.

  11. Do all users have to use MFA?

    A: Yes. 

Click here for our MFA User Guide.

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