Pet Legacy


Below is our recommendation for setting up your Pet Legacy program so you can track the animal in the program. 

What to set up before you begin: 

Local preferences will vary, but for best results, set up at least some of the following: 

  • Sub-status: You may wish to set up a Pet Legacy sub-status to help you track animals in this program. For more information, see our walkthrough doc here
  • Animal Received By: An option here may help these animals be more visible, especially if they come into shelter care for any reason. To set these up, see our walkthrough doc here
  • No Euthanasia Reason: This option helps avoid mistakes and, again, helps make animals participating in this program more visible. To add one, go into Admin > Edit Drop Down Lists > No Euthanasia Reasons > Add

You will also need to set up a Bequest Person marked as participating in the program. See our walkthrough guide here for more information.

To create your Pet Legacy animal, follow the same method you would use for a Bequest Animal, or a Bequest Animal in Care

From the Person Details page: 

  1. Scroll down to the Person Categories at the end of the Person Details page and click on the Bequest link. 
    • This should already be active for a Bequest person. If it is not, make sure you set up at least the minimum Bequest information first before proceeding, or the following links will not display. 
  2. Click on the relevant Add Bequest Animal link, depending on whether the animal you're working with is:
    • Brand new to your system and for Information only: use Add New Bequest Animal as Information only
    • Brand new to your system and entering shelter care: use Add New Bequest Animal that has come into the Shelter
    • Has an existing file but is not currently in care: use Add Existing Bequest Animal as information only
    • Has an existing file and is entering shelter care: use Add Existing Bequest Animal that has come into the Shelter
  3. When the Animal Details page loads, the Source (either Bequest or Bequest in Shelter) and the status Information will automatically show. 
    • If desired, click Edit Sub-Status and select the relevant Pet Legacy sub-status set up earlier, then click Confirm
  4. If the animal has a microchip, tattoo or identifying tags or markers, enter them into the relevant fields in the Identification Details section of the Add Animal Details page. 
  5. Scroll down to the Animal Details section of the page, and enter the following if/as known: 
    • Animal Name
    • Animal Age/Date of Birth
    • Animal Type (Dog, Cat, Kitten, Puppy, Bird, Rabbit, etc.)
    • Select the Animal Breed/Species
    • Check the Mixed Breed setting is correct for this animal
    • Enter a Secondary Breed/Species if applicable
    • Circumstance (if in care only): local preferences may vary, but we usually recommend using Owner Surrender circumstance for in care pet legacy animals. 
    • If desired, click the down arrow on the Animal Received drop-down and choose an option. 
    • Spay/Neuter Status (if known)
    • Gender (if known)
    • Primary Colour
    • Secondary Colour
    • Distinguishing Features/Markings - this can help identify the pet later, especially if there are others that seem similar
    • If in care, and depending on local settings, you may be required to select an Evaluation Category
    • Physical Location 
      • If the animal is in care, a Shelter Location will also be required. 
      • If the animal is not in care, only the Information Only Region (Physical Location) will be required. 
    • Depending on local settings, a City/Suburb/Jurisdiction may be required. 
    • If desired, click the No Euthanasia box and select the relevant reason from the drop-down box beside it. If using this option, we recommend you put the contact details for the Pet Legacy program in the No Euthanasia Contact box. 
  6. Click Update Details to save your changes. 
  7. Complete the Bequest Questions and/or Receipt as required (information animals have no receipt). 


Tracking Pet Legacy animals

 Pet Legacy animals can now be tracked using any of the following methods: 

  • Report #672  Bequestor and Pet Legacy Information
  • Report #612 Animal Status Report (if using the sub-status option)
  • Report #598 Animal Received By Report (if using the Animal Received option)
  • Advanced Animal Search page (if using the sub-status and/or Animal Received options)


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