How do I add an Adoption Return questionnaire?


When accepting adoption alumni back into care as an adoption return, some sites are happy to record minimal information on the reason for the return, but some may wish to capture significantly more information. 

In the case of the latter, we offer a Return questionnaire that is fully customisable that you may utilise as you please: you simply need to set it up. 

To add this questionnaire to your Adoption Return process, first, you must set up the Return Questions by going into Administration > Question And Form Administration > Adoption Return Questionnaire > Add Adoption Return Question

Tips on how to use this feature can be found in our helpful document: Question and Forms Administration Set up

Once your questions are set, the questionnaire will automatically be included in your Adoption Return process, between updating the Animal Details page and the Add Receipt page. 

For further information on processing an Adoption Return, see our help doc Adoption Return Procedure

To remove the questionnaire at any time, delete all questions using Adoption Return Questionnaire > Delete Adoption Return Question. This will preserve all responses as though frozen in time, but the questionnaire will no longer appear.

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