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The Animal Behaviour page is designed to collect history of an animal's behaviour in it's prior home. If desired, it can be set up to appear as part of the Owner Surrender process to prompt your users to collect specific information from the owner at the time of surrender.

If you would like that option turned on for your site, please contact

The page has some default questions that preserve it's integrity:

Where Did You Get This Animal From? This question collects information of how the previous owner obtained the animal in the first instance, to help track where animals are coming from. Options can be added via Administration > Edit Drop Down Lists > Where Did You Get This Animal From? - Edit (Quick Entry section)

Name of Source: Text field to specify where the animal came from. For example, if the "Where did you get this animal from" response was "Pet Shop", the name of the pet shop in question would be entered here.

Origin Address: This question is intended to record the address or information of where the animal was originally sourced from, so may be different to the owner's address. It keeps a history, so if the animal enters care more than once you can see if any patterns are formed.

Behaviour Notes: This is a simple comment field for additional notes.

The above questions cannot be removed or altered, with the exception of any responses to them.

Additional questions and responses can be added at any time via Question and Form Administration

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