Admin - Maintain Breed / Species (How to Add / Edit / Delete Breed or Species)


You will need Administration access to perform this function.

This process updates the Animal Breed (Species) list that is linked to the Animal Type fields that are on the Animal Details and Animal Search pages. 

  1. From the Administration menu, locate the link Maintain SpeciesWithin this link are three options. Select the appropriate link to proceed.
  2. Assign Breed to Type: This option allows you to assign an existing breed/species to a specific animal type(s). You can use the same breed name for multiple types. e.g. a "Chinchilla" could be added to the types Cat, Kitten, Rabbit and Rodent. To Assign a breed to type follow these steps:
  • Click the Assign Breed to type link
  • In the text box on the page that presents, type in the first few letters of the breed or species you wish to assign. This is an auto-complete field, so wait for a list of suggestions to present itself and select from the list.
  • The page will expand to display the Class groups for your site (e.g. Domestic, Exotic, Livestock etc). On the left of each group will be a blue arrow pointing either up or down. Click on the arrow to change its direction: pointing up will expand the group to display all Animal Types allocated to that class, and pointing down will collapse it and hide them.
  • Once the Animal Type options are displayed, click on the check box next to the type you would like the selected breed to display against. Repeat as often as required until all relevant types are selected. NB: don't forget to choose baby (puppy/kitten) AND adult types (dog/cat) or it will only display in one list. 
  • You will need to nominate a Size for each animal. This does not link to the size field on the Animal Details page.
  • Click Save to save your changes and return to the Assign Breed to Type page. 
  • Maintain Class Type Breed List: This option will both allow you to assign breeds to class/type, or remove them from a class/type list, or will simply display all that are assigned to a specific class/type. 
    • Select a Class from the drop-down (e.g. "Domestic") to load the Type list.
    • Once the page has reloaded, select a Type from the drop-down list to display all existing breed/species allocated to that type. 
    • To add a new breed to the type, use the "Assign new breed to animal class and type" search box. This works like a mini-version of the Assign Breed to Type function detailed above. 
    • To adjust the animal size allocated to a breed, click the Edit link at the end of the row. Click Update in the Edit column to save your changes or Cancel to abandon your changes. NB: if you wish to edit the name of the breed itself, you will need to use the Add/Edit/Delete Breed function detailed below. 
    • To remove a breed from the type, simply click the Delete link at the end of the row. This will ONLY remove the breed from this particular list, it won't delete it altogether. This auto-updates, no need to save this change. 
    • The list is organised into pages of 10 items. To scroll through the pages of breeds assigned to this type, click the Numbers that appear beneath the list. Orange numbers indicate active links, the black number indicates the page you are currently viewing and to skip ahead past the first 10 visible pages, click on the dots (...) visible at the end of the row of numbers. 
  • Add/Edit/Delete Breed: This option allows you to add a new breed to the list, edit an existing breed or delete one entirely.
    • Click the Add/Edit/Delete Breed link and you will be presented with a mass list of every breed available in your database.
    • At the top will be a series of numbers that indicate pages available. Click the numbers to tab through the pages. 
    • Above the numbers is a text box labelled Breed with a Search button. To find a specific breed in the list, type all or part of the name into the search box and click Search. SB will find any breed/species entry that has that combination of letters in the order you entered them. 
    • At the top of the page, there will be three links: Return to Administration, Return to Maintain Species and Add Breed.
    • To add an entirely new breed, click the Add Breed link and you will be presented with a text box. Enter the name of the breed/species here - remember to use the correct casing as no auto-case is available for this function. (NB: limit 180 characters)
    • Click Add Animal Breed button to save. The Assign Breed to Type page will automatically load. A breed must be assigned to a type before it will appear as an option from the Animal Details Page. 
    • To Edit an existing Breed, Search for the breed using the Search function, then click the Edit link beside it to display the breed in a text box. Make your changes and click Update Animal Breed to save your changes and return to the main Breed list. Your changes will automatically apply to existing files that have that breed assigned to them. 
    • To Delete an existing Breed, Search for the breed using the Search function then click the Delete link beside it. A confirmation pop-up will deploy to check you are sure you wish to delete. If you are certain you wish to delete the breed, click OK to proceed. NB: once deleted, the breed is retained in history, which means you cannot re-enter it later. To re-enter a previously deleted breed or species, please contact


    If you have a Shelter Buddy supported public site as well, please note that newly added breeds or species will auto-load to the public site as soon as an animal nominated with that breed or species becomes eligible to upload to the public site. 

    If your site has an auto-upload link with either PetFinder or Adoptapet, and the breed you have entered does not appear on their breed list EXACTLY as theirs displays, then please contact as we may need to manually map the breed for you. If the breed doesn't exist at all on their breed list, you may need to contact PetFinder/Adoptapet to discuss adding it. 
    For more information on PetFinder/Adoptapet breeds, click here.

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