Release notes - Shelter Buddy - Version 3.55 - 22/January/2022



Zendesk #38653:Reporting of a Shelter Buddy Error From Site: Berkeley Humane

PowerBI pulling incorrect statuses

Zendesk #38596: Sporadically Unable to enter Multiple Animals

Zendesk #38534:FAS External License Issuer Group Error

Zendesk #38524: Ages not setting when updating

Zendesk #37954:Power BI - AID's not linking to Receipt?

ARL Iowa Power BI Not showing correct animals


rename “OutOfRange” int test data so its more clear

templated documents: print is available before the forms finished loading

Zendesk #37816:Power BI field -> ClinicConsultation -> Consultation Notes -> Category

Powerbi dates

Build scripts iis/app pool process is inefficient

New Feature

Power BI Add Officer Name


Review and clean customise folders


Help with Costed Clinic Main Procedures for Dublin

Zendesk #38599:MedBuddy Set up

Zendesk #38476:Animal Task - Clear Backlog Data

Pickering Lost & Found Site - Go live requested for 1st March 2022

Remove the Power BI midday refreshes

Setup LDH for power bi

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