Release notes - Shelter Buddy - Version 3.47 - 02/Oct/2021



IVHSSPCA Public Site

Animal Process API not returning correct http response

Add status to the report dispatch animals per job in foster

ramona humane society: Animal Search

RSPCA QLD PIDs not synced from SB to CV

RNZ SPCA Change region default states

Edmonton ACCC: Please set identification types for public site

daylight saving time not updating correctly

RNZSPCA: strange happenings in shelter buddy

QLD Crm Sync API Issues

Petsync error from seq

Pay Later requires variable GL Codes for IVHSSPCA

Public site verification shows state id and not name

Zendesk #37563:Sheltermate Report #729

Ulster County:Duplicate Receipts

Zendesk #37530:Fw: Add a rescue partner

Zendesk #37522:Number of paid license renewals in 2021

Campaign Management by GL Code report (310) not producing correct results

Euthanasia Report not showing dispensed drug

Agency Outgoing mandatory reason during the Agency Outgoing process

AWL NSW Make fields mandatory for Available statuses


Remove "Select photo from camera" from animal details page


As an accounts user I would like to create an account so that i can keep the details up to date

As an accounts user I want to export all of my accounts to csv so that I can review in a spreadsheet


Remove unused document code

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