Release notes - Shelter Buddy - Version 3.46 - 18/Sept/21



Zendesk #37528:Minor request to move Sub Status column on In Care Inventory report

Addition of two columns to Adopted list report

Zendesk #37473:Issue with jobs in sheltermate

Marin fees not allocating

Cash Issue

Zendesk #37433:Error when trying to merge PID's

Delayed adoptions to include future license

At risk web site stripe error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of undefined

address verification has incomplete address for person page when address is changed

Zendesk #37234:GL Codes for IVHSSPCA Licenses

Zendesk #37119:Need help - New Dispatch Job

Marion County-Online licensing expiration date issue and renewal cards


TblStorageToCategories is redundant (I think)


As a ShelterBuddy user I would like to retrieve the GIS information so that I can report on it.


Review and commit latest pawfect photo app

Enable credentials sending in the BD environment to fix the AWS ALB issue

Power BI Entity links

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