Release notes - Shelter Buddy - Version 3.44 - 21/Aug/2021



cannot save license fees via admin

Zendesk #37214:Reporting of a Shelter Buddy Error From Site: ShelterbuddyDemo

cat haven states different IDs for adopets

Zendesk #37189:Fwd: *Website

Zendesk #37172:Report#60 Animals Currently In Foster Report

Mailing List Yes/No Default not working

Zendesk #37162:Kennel Card

Reporting of a Shelter Buddy Error From Site: LDH

Zendesk #37099:Digital Signatures small and hard to see on print page

Zendesk #37098:Move documents to Adoption Receipt print string for SDHS please

Zendesk #37087:Reporting of a Shelter Buddy Error From Site: Miami Dade County Animal Services

Zendesk #37066:Marion County-Microchipped Animals Report not pulling information

Zendesk #37071:maryland

Fix pickering data import to set breeds with "Mix" in the name as a mixed breed

Zendesk #37042:Fwd: Rabies defaulting to Merck

Zendesk #37036:Unable to add Jurisdiction

Error- unable to combine animal IDs

Fw: Flags/Restrictions Question

Zendesk #36867:SB OHS Website Process

Zendesk #36856:FW: New Ticket - ongoing sheltermate issues

New Feature

Multiple Accounts for License fees

New Zealand do not have states


As an accounts user I want to see all my accounts so that I may review them to update


update at risk site text

code clean up of animal subscriptions

Hide credit card link from person details page

Remove MPW code

add additional fields to adopets custom endpoint

Update which data gets migrated for pickering data import

Setup Infrastructure


Transition from tslint to eslint

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