Set-UpWaiver/Indemnity General Template


*NOTE: This document is about creating an overarching template that will ultimately couch all individual waiver/indemnities assigned to an animal, including transferring the new owner's signature. For information on creating waiver/indemnity templates to attach to individual animal records, please see "Set Up - Add, Edit, Delete Indemnities / Waivers"

You require access to the Administration menu to process this function.

  1. Go into Administration Templated Documents Administration
  2. From the Templated Documents Administration menu, click on the link Animal Forms (Printed)
  3. Click on the +Create button
  4. Location: click on the down arrow to select a Physical Location if the template is specific to just one. Otherwise, you may leave it left at All. 
    • If you would like the template to be the default for the selected location, click the box Default for a location to mark it. 
  5. Description: This free text field enables you to add a name to your template to identify it for other/future users. E.g. if the template is for one specific location, it might be "Campus A Consultation History". 
  6. Type: Defaults to Animal Form (Printed). Leave as-is.
  7. Category: click on the down arrow to select Waiver/Indemnity Form
  8. Language: Select what language the form is presented in. This feature does not auto-translate, it simply labels it so the system can help you select it later. 
  9. Body: Some information should already be visible, namely a header, Animal Details, etc. 
    • To add information from the person linked to the animal, find the option in Placeholders called "Person - The Person" and add placeholders from here. 
    • To add the Waiver/Indemnities, fo into Placeholders > The indemnities/waivers of the animal and click Add Collection. Then, click the down arrow on the placeholder in the list, click inside the red cell that will appear, then click to add options for just the notes themselves, or the description/header as well. You can add multiple items and even text within this cell. 
    • To add Medical Notes, do the same as above but use Placeholders > The medical notes to a new owner for the animal > Add Collection.
    • To add a Digital Signature, do the same as above but use Placeholders > The signed signatures or spaces for manual signing (not all forms can be digitally signed) > Add Collection.
    • Other options include the date the form is generated, Animal information, the person's Physical Address and basic information about your organisation (Organisation Name, abbreviation, phone number, address). These are pulled from your Physical Location settings. 
    • You can also just free type directly into the Body canvas. 
    • If your customers require this form be available in various languages, you will need to recreate the form in any additional language (it does not auto-translate, but when printing the forms later it will offer an option to select which language you would like it offered in). 
  10. When your changes are complete, click Save or click Cancel to discard and return to the menu. 
  11. Once saved, the Templated Documents/Animal Form (Printed) menu will display. Your new template will be visible in the list. 


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