Release notes - Shelter Buddy - Version 3.42- 24/Jul/21



State not loading for dispatch confirmed / unconfirmed people

Marion County-Merge Animal Accounts error message

New Feature

Create custom endpoint for adopets integration


As a developer I would like to access the GIS response and precinct from the address via the API so that I can do further analysis/


Reduce DBUpdater timeout to 15 minutes

Add signature configuration for Delayed Adoption and Delayed Agency Out receipts

Build new canned report to pull all animals in a Delayed Adoption or Delayed Agency Out status

Allow for user to select from a list of available forms and receipts as part of the new Delayed Adoption or Delayed Agency Out statuses

Add new action to Adoption and Agency Out menu pages called "Delayed Adoption" and "Delayed Agency Out" respectively.

Customize the Return to Habitat form for Miami to use their custom TIP form

Remove unused key worker fields for salutations

Convert a Classic Asp page to React Component

Create an API endpoint to subscribe to a webhook

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