May 2020 Upgrade


Person Category Renamed

We have renamed the Council Incoming and Council Outgoing person categories to Agency Incoming and Agency Outgoing. This is to reflect that these 2 features are not just for councils but a wider list of organisations such as rescue groups, shelters etc.

Medical Notes Menu

The menu links for the medical notes page have been reorganised to help finding pages easier. The new menu will have groups such as vet treatment, medication, animal, etc.


Pit Bull Release Form

For those shelters that are required by law to have a pit bull release form, we now have this available in ShelterBuddy. When an animal is entered that has a primary or secondary breed for pit bull a new "Pit Bull release form" link will show in the animal menu. From here you can print the form, and in the next release we will also add in the ability to digitally sign and email the form as well. To setup the wording of the email simply go into administration > Templated Documents Administration > Animal Forms (Printed) > create. From here choose the category for “pit bull release form”.

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