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This procedure applies to groups set up via the Administration menu that are accessible from the Advanced Animal Search Page to assist user searches for lost or found animals (including stray and impounded animals).

Users will need access to the Administration menu to perform this procedure.

  1. Go to the Administration Menu
  2. Find the link Search Groups.

To create a NEW Search Group:

  1. Click Add New Search Group
  2. Name your Search Group as appropriate (e.g. Lost, Found) and click Add Search Group
  3. For best results, click Add Status to Search Group
  4. For your FIRST status, select “And” from the search logic drop down box
  5. Select the required status from the drop down
  6. If you would like to restrict the return by sub-status, use the include / exclude options by clicking on the arrows at the end of the relevant bar (include or exclude) and ticking all that apply.
  7. Click Add Status
    • The status will now appear with three links following it: Edit, Remove and Add source to search group
  8. Click Add source to search group and on the resulting page, select “And” from the search logic drop down box, then the source that you would like to link to the status for the purpose of the search.
    • Repeat this for all applicable sources, but with the exception of the first one, use the search logic option “Or”.
  9. Other Status/Source combination can be added in the same manner, but for all statuses AFTER the first one added, the search logic option should be “Or”.

To Add new Status/Source combinations to an existing Search Group:

  1. Click on the link for the required search group
  2. Follow the same process as above, but each additional status should always start with the search logic “or”.
  3. As above, the first source added in conjunction with a status should have the search logic “and”, and all additional sources for that status should be “or”.

To Edit an existing Status/Source combination within an existing search group:

  1. Click on the link for the required search group
  2. Locate the status or source you wish to amend and click the Edit link that follows it.
  3. Change the source or status simply by making a new selection from the drop down.
  4. Change the selection of sub-statuses by clicking the arrows at the end of either the Include or Exclude Sub-Status bars as applicable, then manually tick or untick options until you have obtained the desired settings. 
  5. Click "Edit Status" to finish and save the new settings. 

To remove Status/Source combinations from an existing Search Group, simply click the Remove link

To remove Search Groups, first all Status/Source groups should be removed. Only then should you be able to remove the whole group.


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