February 2020 Upgrade



ShelterBuddy has a face lift!

ShelterBuddy's newer style white pages has had a small design change. Everything will function still the same there is some styling changes. For example of the new look and feel this is the reporting page:

There are some colours that are new and all panels and buttons now have more rounded edges.

Sign from the receipt page

There will now be an option to digitally sign a receipt right from the receipt screen. This is handy for if you process the adoption on the tablet, you can now more easily ask the customer to sign the receipt. From the receipt screen there is a new button "sign receipt":

This will open a full screen window for the person to sign the receipt. Once completed the customer will see this thank you message asking them to hand the tablet back to the adoption counsellor:

The red arrow highlights where to close the popup to return to the adoption screen to save the receipt.

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