November 2019 Upgrade



Customisable medication labels

There is now the option to customise the medication label for animals. To setup your label template you can go to administration > templated documents administration > medication labels and from here you can edit the default template.
The template editor will allow you to add place holders so the information such as medication name, animal details, person details etc. Once saved you can then print your medications as normal and you will see your updated template changes.

ID / Microchip Checked field

As part of this upgrade, when you are entering a pet and the microchip number is blank, and you type in a microchip number, the field "ID / Microchip Checked?" will default to yes.

Bulk Update Spay / Neutered Animals
Under the main search page > bulk updates, there is a new link for bulk updating spay / neuter details of animals. From this link you can enter the animal ID's you wish to update and click next. Then you can enter these details:

All animals will then be updated with the new details.

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