December 2019 Upgrade




Our phone app MedBuddy that is used to mark medications as administered or skipped, has had an update so that after a medication is marked completed it will automatically refresh the pets list of medications. Previously it was still showing as due which was confusing. The app has also had updates so it is faster and more stable.

Vet Treatments

We have added a block to make sure vet treatments cannot be administered in the future. Adding vet treatments that are due in the future will still be possible but this change is to avoid data entry mistakes.

License / Registrations

When a pet has current licenses / registrations and the pet is made deceased ShelterBuddy will now prompt you to ask if you would like to mark those licenses / registrations as cancelled.

If a pet was accidentally marked as deceased you can undo this when you undo the status via administration > maintain status history.

Expired License Citations

now have a new feature to undo bulk citations that are created when an animals license expires. Under the page Administration > Legal Proceeding Administration > Undo Expired License Citations you can select the details of how the bulk citations were created:
From here all the citations created with the above specifics will then be queued to be removed.

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