June 2019 Upgrade



Statuses Available During DOA Process

As part of this upgrade we have made some changes to filter the list of statuses so they are more relevant to DOA intakes. These changes were to help with consistency and reduce incorrect records that will help with balancing reports and ensuring accuracy in reports.

Trial Adoption Fees

There is now the option to sell products / services and assign fees during the trial adoption process. To set this up simply go to Administration > Fees Administration and select "Trial Adoption" from the drop down list and from here add the fee.. Once the fee is added when you process a trial adoption you will now get a screen asking to select the fee. If only one fee is found for that animal type then the fee will be automatically applied.

Medical History Email

You can now edit the medical history email form. From Administration > Animal Form - Email Templates > Medical History, click on edit and then change the wording of your email.

Print Vet Consultation History + Email

The vet consultation print page has had a layout change so the information is in a more readable format. From the vet consultation history you can click on print selected consultations and this will open the popup window to see the printable form.


The consultation history printable form also now has an option to email just like the medical history form.

Emailing Receipts

The receipt email feature now allows you to attach vet documents as well. From the email form you simply click the "Attach Related" button, and then the vet documents will be listed with the other uploaded documents from the animal details page.



*New Foster Animals Outcome (35)

This report lists foster animals that have an outcome. It allows you to filter by outgoing status so you can just retrieve animals that were adopted, or include all outgoing animals.

Adhoc Reporting Module

Vet Consultation

A new field called “Origin Vet Consult ID” is now included in the two vet consult entities. If this field has a value then the consultation is a follow up of the origin vet consult.

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