July 2017 Upgrade



Breed Labelling for Public Sites
We have added a new option to our public site product so that canine breeds have a label such as “American Shelter Dog” to show instead of the breed that is selected in ShelterBuddy. There have been many research projects undertaken on the adoptability of canines and the labelling of breeds and advertising of the pet that is available for adoption:




To summarize our changes for our public site product only:
1. The advance search page will show breed fields to search on but they will disappear if you are searching adoptable canines, all other searching and animal types will include the breed search fields
2. All adoptable pages will not show breed for canines, instead it will show “American Shelter Dog” (or your country of origin), all other species such as felines will include the breed.
3. Any other pages for animals will include the breed information, so lost animals or found animals will show the breed information.

Within ShelterBuddy we can change kennel cards or pet portfolios to not show the breed label just like the public site as well. If you would like this option enabled for your public site please contact support.

Person Emails
When adding an email to a person record you now have the option to set the email as primary. This will allow you to identify which email is bet to use to contact the person, or which email they may prefer to receive emails to.


Vet Treatments
When setting up vet treatments in administration you can now link it to multiple animal types with an option of "all animal types". The vet treatment admin screens have also been updated to our new tablet / mobile friendly design with new search options to help find the treatment to edit.


Adhoc Reporting Module
Vet Consult Diagnoses
This new entity contains vet consults in the last 3 years. It shows basic consult data such as the date, reason for consults, the vet, and shows one record per consult/diagnosis entry for ease of analysis of the diagnoses.

Vet Consult Simple Details
New fields are added; Consult Status and status date (animal status at time of consult); evaluation category, region, animal type at time of consult; shelter tag, VIP Tag, and Animal Old Database Number. Consults are restricted to the last 3 years.

Dispatch Summary
New fields are added for the physical location (parent region to officer login region), job source method, the dispatch codes, animal reported types and breeds, the establishments, and the outcomes

Dispatch Inspections
New fields also added for the checklist items that were checked for that inspection and the physical location (same as Summary).

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