How do I audit my fees and allocations?


From time to time you may find it necessary to audit your fees and/or allocation, but where do you start?

These reports will help you:

  1. Report 703 Accounts List displays a list of all the GL Codes on your system. This is a good way to get an overall sense of what's on your site. 
  2. Report 727 Products and Services Export will display all the items listed in the Products/Services module, including all fees and account codes assigned to them, where they are available from, etc. 
  3. Report 680 Vet Product Detail List will show just items associated with a Veterinary process, e.g. fees associated with vaccinations, medications, vet treatments or procedures. It includes GL Codes assigned to each and where they are available from. 
  4. If you are using the Sponsorship module, report 509 Sponsorship Products Report will show all items allocated to this module and their associated fees and GL codes.
  5. Report 46 Adoption Fee Export will target just adoption fees and GL Codes assigned to them. 



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