How to make Receipts read only for editing


The following is a guide on how to set-up the system to block users for editing receipts.  This will still allow users to ADD receipts.

Go to:

  • Administration
  • edit user access
  • manage pages - special cases

Click “New Page” at the top of the Manage pages – special cases page.  The following is a screen shot of this page with the value to enter:

When you click “Save”, this will block all users from viewing and editing receipts.  The next step is to give users access.  Once you have clicked save the “Manage pages – special cases page” will reload with your new Receipt – editing page.  To give access levels click on the edit link next to your new page you created.

You can assign groups of people’s access by ticking the group under “Unassigned Groups”, then set their access from the drop down.


To assign individual users, you can search under “Assign individual users”, then set their access from the drop down list next to their name in the search results.

Access Levels
None: The user will not be able to view or edit an existing receipt

Read Only: The user will be able to view an existing receipt, but not edit

All: The user has full access to edit and view a receipt

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