Drug Usage Tracking Admin - Create a mixed Drug


There may be occasions where you need to mix drugs together to make a cocktail for use. This process requires access to the Administration menu. 

First, you must add the original, unmixed drugs to your inventory. For more information on how to do that, click here: Admin - Add New Drug

  1. From the Welcome/Search page, click on the Administration link in the orange left-hand menu. 
  2. Click on the link Drug Administration
  3. When the Drug Administration menu loads, click on Drug Usage Tracking
  4. Click on Create New Drug from Inventory
  5. In the resulting pop-up, you have two methods to proceed: 
    • To mix existing drugs together:
      • enter the number of different drugs to be used into the text box marked Number of Drugs to be Mixed and click the Get Drugs button.
      • Select the first drug from the drop-down Select Drug 1 from List and add the quantity to be used in the cocktail to the Quantity text box. Enter digits only. If you accidentally enter more than the drug has available, a validation message will appear telling you how much can be used, and the entered amount will clear so you can try again. 
      • Repeat the above for all subsequent drugs to be used. 
      • Enter the name of the cocktail into the New Drug Name: text box. 
      • Enter a description of the drug into the text box provided. 
      • Click Mix Drugs
      • A validation message will inform you the drugs have been mixed successfully.
      • You will have an option to mix more drugs or close the window. 
    • To mix a powder with water: 
      • Select the Powder from the drop-down and click Mix Powder
      • Enter the amount to be used into the text box marked Please select how much of the powder you used in the mixture box. 
      • Enter how much of the resulting suspension will be created in the When mixed with water, how much fluid will be produced text box. 
      • Enter a product name into the relevant text box - remember to make it different from the name of the powder. 
      • Enter a description. 
      • Click Create Mixture
  6. The mixed drugs will now appear in your drug inventory. 
  7. The source drugs will have accounted for how much was used and the mixed drugs will show the balance (e.g. if you used 10 ml of Drug A and 5 ml of Drug B then the mixed drug will show 15 mls and the inventory for Drug A and Drug B will be reduced by 10ml and 5 ml respectively). 
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