Set Doobert Uploading



To set up doobert integration search groups first must be set up for you to specify which pets are uploaded to doobert: 

  1. Contact Shelter Buddy Support ( to give permission for Doobert to access your API
  2. Setup a search group for what pets are awaiting transfer for Doobert:
  3. Go to Administration > Search Group.  If a search group of “Doobert Transfer Animals” exists then move to the next step
  4. If the search group of “Doobert Transfer Animals” does not exist click the link Add New Search Group
  5. Enter the title for the search group as “Doobert Transfer Animals”
  6. Click the link Add status to search group. The next page will allow you to select which statuses and sub-statuses for uploading to Doobert
  7. To set the first status set these fields:
    • Search Logic: and
    • Status: the status you wish to upload, for example “awaiting transfer”
    • The include / exclude sub-statuses are optional
  8. To set any additional statuses follow the same steps except for “Search Logic” select the “or” option.

 For more information on setting up search groups, please see our help guide here: Admin - Search Groups

Once search groups are setup then please email to setup an api account for doobert to use.


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