Due Date Out Use and History


From 1 March 2019, a History (H) feature has been added to the Due Date Out field. 

This field records all changes to the Due Date Out area and can be viewed by clicking the (H) link beside the field. 

The Due Date Out is calculated in a variety of ways: 

  1. Source Date: if there're no other settings, Due Date Out matches Source Date
  2. Settings in Hold Times Administration: These options vary from site to site and can be set using a combination of these factors: 
    • Physical Location (aka Region)
    • Jurisdiction
    • Animal Type
    • Circumstance
    • Number of Days - this is either calculated automatically by entering a number here (Due Date Out is then calculated by Source Date + this number) OR Manual Entry, which prompts the user to select a Due Date Out manually when the file is brought into care
    • Feral Status
  3. Additionally, some sites have a custom setting to prompt the user to change the Due Date Out manually every time the primary Status changes. 

Because the Due Date Out can be calculated using any combination of the above, and these combinations are unique to every site, the history of dates held by this field prior to 1 March 2019 cannot be recorded. 

Any dates current and present at the time of release will be the starting dates for Due Date Out history. 

Prior to this, the history will show as blank. 

Should you have any questions about this field, please contact support@shelterbuddy.com for assistance. 

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