Rapid Entry Receipting/Rapid Payment


This process walks you through how to quickly enter receipts for multiple persons without having to go into every person page. 

These elements are required prior to beginning to successfully enter this information.

  • Each person must have an existing Shelter Buddy file
  • At least one Campaign must be set up. For more information on creating Campaigns, see our help file Creating a New Campaign

To create multiple receipts rapidly:

  1. From the Welcome/Search page, click the Receipt link in the orange left hand menu. 
  2. In the resulting menu, click on the link Rapid Payment
  3. On the resulting page, there is a row of highlighted fields. These represent the information that is mandatory to perform this task. 
  4. Person: This field will search for a person by Person ID number or by name. Click on a suggested option to select. NB: you can't simply type the person in. You must select one.
  5. Campaign: Type some of a campaign name and select from the drop-down. 
  6. Amount: Enter the amount the receipt is for
  7. Receipt Type: Use this field to search for a receipt type to create. These are usually linked to Fundraising campaigns (e.g. Major Donor Receipt etc) if you would like specific wording or you can select "General Receipt" or "General Donation" for a generic form. NB: you cannot select receipts that are linked to processes. (E.g. you can't assign an Adoption Receipt this way). 
  8. Payment Type: This field drives those that follow it. Depending on the selection made here, additional fields will be made mandatory: 
    • The page defaults to Cheque (Check). This option requires the cheque's Drawer Name, Cheque Number, BSB and Account Number are entered before you can complete. 
    • Credit Card requires the Card Type to be selected, with options for the Name on the card and card number. 
    • Money Order requires the Money Order Branch and Money Order Number be added before you can complete. 
    • All other options require no further information. 
  9. When all options are added, click the Save button, or simply hit the enter key on your keyboard. 
  10. The information you have added, provided it is complete and completed correctly, will be added to a row below for your review. 
  11. At the end of each added row is a button to Edit. If you click the down arrow at the end of the button, you will be offered an option to Delete. Simply click either of these options to perform the action. 
  12. Once all persons and payments have been added and have been checked that the list is correct and complete, click the Process Receipts -> button. 
  13. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click No to cancel or Yes to confirm and continue. 
  14. The list will clear.
  15. If you now go to the Person Details page for any person on the list, they will have a new receipt added to their file to match the details you entered. 
  16. Should you need to bulk print the receipts, you may use report 363 "Print Campaign Receipts" (if a specific receipt template was selected) OR 306 "Reprint Receipts" for general receipts. If either of these reports are not available on your site, please notify support@shelterbuddy.com
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