July 2018 Upgrade



When listing a person's pets to enroll into boarding, this screen will not longer list deceased pets. The list of pets will now only show pets linked to the person that have a live status.

When entering the scheduling type via the scheduling administration area there is a new option "Do not allow deceased animals". Ticking this will not show any deceased animals when listing a person's pets. For shelters offering cremation services that are scheduled, you would leave this option un-ticked.

Adoption Contract / Receipt
The adoption contract and receipt is now updated so the newly adopted pet's name shows with its ID in the top right corner of the page.

You can now opt out of marking each medication as completed. To change your shelterbuddy system so you no longer mark medications as completed please contact support. When opting out of this feature you will notice the following changes:

  • The following options are no longer available in the "How long should this task run for":
    • Indefinitely
    • Until the task has been completed a certain number of times
    • After a certain amount of scheduled occurrences
    • Medications - new default option
  • Each medication instance will not appear in the medication history / schedule page.

Under Administration > Edit Drop Down Lists > Medications > Maintain, there is now a new option to default the route of administration for medications. Selecting this default via admin will default the route of administration automatically when entering this medication against an animal.


Medications - Cancelling
When using the "Cancel further occurrences" option for a medication, there is now an optional date field where you can choose a schedule for when the task should be cancelled.


Some things to note with this feature:
If a date in the past it chosen, the medication is cancelled as usual.
If a date in the future is chosen, any medication after that date is removed
Tasks with a cancel date cannot be edited again.

Licensing / Reclaim / Redemption
When processing a license or an owner is reclaiming their lost pet, the license details screen will now only show issuing authorities that have fees attached to them will show.

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