June 2017 Upgrade


Internal Animal Transfer
When transferring animals internally between different shelters you now have the option to specify the method of transportation. The options can be setup under administration > edit drop down lists. The selected method of transport is also included in the Transferred Animals List report.

Dispatch Popup Notes
The ongoing dispatch notes now have the option to have the note show as a popup when the job is viewed. From the dispatch page click "Ongoing Dispatch Notes", from here you can type your note as normal but you can also tick a box for it to be a popup:


When a user then opens the job, all notes that are ticked to show in a popup will be displayed:


To remove the note from displaying as a popup, click the (h) history link next to the ongoing dispatch notes link, this will allow you to view and edit all notes entered.

Foster Property Checks
The foster property check questionnaires for animal types will now only show the save to history. This is so all forms are automatically saved to a history, previously there was also an update button but this is now removed.

Customer Service Income Report (314)
The detailed version of the report is now a link to a new report. From here you can run the same report but it is now optimized for tablets and the filters will now remember what are selected.

ASPCA GIS Intake Data (692)
The found address has been updated, if there is no found address for a stray and the animal is linked to a dispatch job the report will show the dispatch address.

*New Officer Activity Status History (88)
This report will query information based on the status history of a job. This is an alternative to the existing report "Officer Activity Log", it is for customers that do not use the dispatch summary feature to log officers activities.

Adhoc Reporting Module
New Equipment Loans
This new entity shows any equipment hire/loan item still out or returned in the last three years entered through the Equipment Hire/Loan PC. It includes basic information on who, what, when, due date, days out, days overdue, etc.

Licensing Entity
The licensing entity is updated to include some data on Rabies vaccination. This entity is now also limited to current license tag status, or those with Lifetime licenses, or those with expiration date newer than 3 years ago.

In Care Inventory
The Alternative Placement field has been added to the in care inventory entity.

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