April 2018 Upgrade



Medication Updates

The medication sheet and medication history form will now include end dates for once off medications.  Previously this was left blank as there was only one date.  We now show the same dates for start and end for once off medications.  For medications that are on going and have no end date the forms will show "indefinite" for the end date.  The medical history report will also include the reason why the medication was prescribed.

We have also added the medication dose/unit to the medications autocomplete when entering a medication against the animal.  This is to assist users in selecting the correct medication if there are different forms of the medication that can be given to an animal, for example mls or tablets.


The medication sheet now has the option to show the animal's QR code.  We have also added in the ability to set the options by default instead of selecting them each time you open the medication sheet form.  To set the defaults go to Administration > Medication Sheet Options and tick the fields you would like to default.  Then from the medication sheet the options you have defaulted will show.  This will include the QR code used with them MedBuddy app to mark medications as completed via your phone.

Dispatch Administration for Person Types

Under administration > dispatch administration there is a new link to maintain person types (the "add as" options when adding a person to a dispatch job).  Using this new link you can see all existing person types and you can filter to include inactive person types as well.  There is also the option to add new person types and to edit a person type to mark the option as inactive.

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