How to create joint receipts


In some cases, multiple persons from a single household (e.g. a married couple) would like to have both names appear on a receipt. 

This is only possible for donation receipts. All other receipts, including, but not limited to, Adoption, Reclaim/Redemption and Owner Surrender receipts can only support a single individual. 

To set a donation receipt to support a joint acknowledgement:

  1. Create two individual Person records. Each person must have their own file for the joint receipts to work. 
  2. Locate the Spouse/Partner Details section and click the Head of Household box to mark this file as the primary and save your changes. 
  3. From the primary person's file, click the link in the Person Menu Relationship and create a relationship between these two records, using the relationship type "partner". 
    • For a walk-through on adding relationships, click to see our help doc here
  4. From the primary person's file, click the Salutations tab. Joint salutation options will now be visible. 2018-02-15_9-06-55.jpg
  5. Create a generic receipt* from the primary person's file (Person Menu > Add Receipt) and you will see that an option to create a joint receipt is now visible: 2018-02-15_9-09-36.jpg
  6. Click on the box to select this option and the receipt will print with the salutation visible below the checkbox displayed against Person Name: 2018-02-15_9-11-55.jpg


*Generic receipts are those not linked to a specific Contract or Process. Usually, this implies donation receipts but campaign receipts allow this as well. 



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