Costed Clinic Consultations


This procedure allows you to track costs for veterinary products and services and charge them to the client if you wish, as well as assign all your medicals (notes, procedures, treatments, medications, drugs, products) from a single location. It will generate a disclaimer for the client to sign beforehand, a receipt for work done on completion and can be copied to other animals. 

  1. If the animal is not in care, search for the person.
    1. If not found, click on the Create a New Entry
    2. Fill in the relevant blanks on the Add New Person Mandatory fields: first name, last name, residential address, mailing address if different than residential, telephone number, and gender. Depending on your organisation you may be required to confirm identification.
    3. Click Update Details.
  2. On the Edit Person Details page, click on the Scroll To Bottom link and click on the Clinic link
  3. On the Clinic page click on the Add New Animal
    1. If the animal is already in the system on the Clinic page click on the Existing Animal
    2. On the Animal Search page, enter the Animal ID in the Go To Animal ID Click View.
  4. Complete the following:
    1. Status: click on the down arrow and select Information*.
    2. Animal Name:  enter the animal’s name.
    3. Jurisdiction: click on the down arrow to select the applicable jurisdiction.
    4. General Notes: use this field to enter any applicable information regarding the clinic animal.
    5. Click Update Details.
  5. If the animal is already in care, then search for the Animal ID Number on the Animal Search Page to locate the file you are after.
  6. Once located, Click on the Medical Details link in the Animal Menu on the right-hand side.
  7. This will display to the Vet Notes page
  8. Click on the Add Costed Clinic Consultation link located in the Vet Menu on the right-hand side.
  9. The page will give you a pop-up notifying you that you are about to create a new consultation and asking if you want to proceed. Unless a consultation already exists for this animal for the same complaint, click Ok to proceed.
  10. If you know a consultation for the same complaint already exists for this animal, select Cancel and use the View Costed Clinic Consultation link instead.
  11. You should now be on the Costed Clinic Consultation page:
    1. Select the date of the consultation. This will default to the current date, but it can be altered via the calendar box pop up if required.
    2. Select the origin of the animal (e.g. Shelter, Public, TNR etc)
    3. Click to select the Main Procedure that will be carried out e.g. Canine Neuter Only procedures relevant to that species and gender will be available. 
    4. Select any Additional Procedures e.g. nail clip, hernia repair etc.
    5. If any of these procedures have costs associated that are not automatically charged, or if other items need to be added (e.g. anaesthetics) then use the Products / Services link to add these in. You can also use this link to opt to either charge items to the client, or not charge them. 
    6. Use the Vet Treatments link to add any treatments that have been administered to the animal (e.g. vaccinations, intestinal worming, heartworm/FIV/FeLV test). If these have any linked charges, they will automatically be added to the Products & Services list.
    7. Use the Medication link to record any medications that are dispensed to the animal such as antibiotics.
    8. If your site used the drug tracking system for controlled substances, you can record any controlled drug use here via the Drug Usage link
  12. Veterinary Notes:
    1. Physical Exam: Click the check box to notify that a physical exam took place and what the result of that was (normal/abnormal) via the drop down box.
    2. Physical Exam Comments: enter any comments relating to the Physical Exam
    3. Surgery Comments: use this free text box to enter any comments relating to Surgery. NB Vet Templates are available for use here.
    4. Animal Care Staff Comments: can be used to enter any applicable information presented by staff members regarding this animal.
    5. Notes to Owner: use this field to record any information that needs to be communicated to the owner when the animal is returned to them.
    6. Endotracheal Tube Size & Suture Used: These two fields can be used to record information as required.
    7. In House Fund: If the animal’s treatment is being sponsored by a specific in-house fund, that information can be recorded and tracked via this drop down box.
    8. Stitches Removal Date: If stitches were used in surgery, the date they are due for removal can be recorded here. This information transfers to the Medical Details page also.
    9. Reason (1) for Consultation: click on the down arrow to select the primary reason for the consultation. *History: if the animal has been seen before you can click to view consultation reason history.
    10. Reason (2) for Consultation: click on the down arrow to select a secondary reason for consultation, if applicable. *History: if the animal has been seen before you can click to view the secondary reason for consultation history.
    11. Diagnosis: click on the diagnosis.  If there is more than one, click on the first one listed, press and hold the Ctrl button, scroll down until you find the next applicable diagnosis and click on it.  Once all applicable diagnoses have been highlighted, release the Ctrl
    12. Differential Diagnosis: click on the diagnosis.  If there is more than one, click on the first one listed, press and hold the Ctrl button, scroll down until you find the next applicable diagnosis and click on it.  Once all applicable diagnoses have been highlighted, release the Ctrl
    13. Finalised: Checking this box marks the Consultation as finalised and activates the “Update + Receipt” button at the bottom of the page. There is another of these check boxes at the top of the page if the user would like to add the date of finalisation. NOTE: the Desexed / Spayed Neutered status for the animal will not change until this box is marked. 
    14. Shelter Vet: Selects the name of the consulting vet from Shelter Buddy’s list of veterinarians for that site.
    15. Desexed/Spayed Neutered by: Selects the name of the vet who performed the spay or neuter surgery from the list of veterinarians entered on the site. This may or may not be the same as the consulting vet.
    16. If your site is enabled for digital signatures, the canvas for the signature will be available here. You may want your client to sign now, or you may wish to mark it "sign later" so they can read the disclaimer first. 
  13. Four buttons will be visible at the bottom of the page ["Update", "Update + Disclaimer", "Update + Copy to Multiple Animals", "Update + Receipt"], but they may not all be immediately active. If currently inactive, they will be greyed out so you cannot click on them. 
  14. Click on Update to simply save your changes without generating any forms. This may be appropriate if the animal is an in-house patient. 
  15. Click on Update + Disclaimer to generate the Clinic Disclaimer which acts as somewhat of a kennel card whilst the animal is in the care of the clinic. It can also be set up as a disclaimer for the owner to sign acknowledging any risk associated with surgery and absolving the clinic of any legal responsibility should anything go awry while the animal is in their care. This document is not a receipt and can be reprinted at any time by clicking the Update + Disclaimer button again.
    • Click To Procedure to return to the Costed Clinic Consultation page.
  16. If the Finalised check box has been marked you may also click on Update + Copy to Multiple Animals to go to a Bulk Update page where multiple animals can be added for the consult to be copied to. Animals must be of the same gender and species to copy a consult. You can copy most details to animals of different genders, but desexing / spay neuter procedures will not be copied. You would need to amend these later individually for animals of a different gender to the initial one.
      • Add each animal ID individually or by Range or Litter until the list is complete
      • Click Save
      • A pop up will open that gives you options to tailor any of the items issued to the original animal to any subsequent animals: e.g. you can add unique microchip numbers, include or exclude any treatment or medication issued to the first animal, adjust dose rates for drugs etc.
      • Click Copy on the pop-up to copy the details to that animal and continue to the next one
      • Click Skip to skip over that animal without saving and move to the next. 
      • A progress bar will be visible behind the pop up so you can see how many animals have been processed and how many more from your list are still pending.
      • Once the last animal has been processed, the pop-up will close and you will progress to the Edit Receipt page. 
      • Click on Update + Receipt to simply update this animal's costed clinic information and proceed to the Edit Receipt page 
  17. Once the Finalised box has been checked, select one of the above options to create a receipt that will charge out any fees and services associated with that consultation. If the consultation is free, but you would like to demonstrate what fees have been waived, then apply a $0 dollar amount and a payment method. This will then produce a receipt that displays all the items that have charges applied but still shows the client paid a $0 amount for the work.


If you use the Scheduled Surgery process, any scheduled surgeries will display at the top of a Costed Clinic Consult page.

Vet Clinic Consultations will also display on this page with active links so you can view the details without having to navigate away. 


Items added via Costed Clinic Consultation can be tracked via the following reports:

654 Costed Clinic Detail Listing
445 Cost of Animal Report
611 Detailed Dispatch Animal Information
631 Cost of Dispatch Animal Report




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