Petco Love Lost Search Groups - What animals are sent to Petco Love Lost?


Search groups allow customers to control which animals are uploaded to Petco Love Lost (formerly Finding Rover) by using the animals status and source. If the site already has similar groups set up, these can be used but be sure to notify Petco Love Lost of that case and let them know what the groups are called.

Standard search groups for Petco Love Lost are described as follows:


FR Adopted: All statuses that include the word “adopted”


FR Reclaimed: Includes statuses indicating the animal has returned to the original owner, such as Reclaimed/Redeemed, Returned Surrender, Returned to Owner, Released by Agency etc.


FR Available for Adoption: All statuses that include the word “Available”


FR Lost: Status “Lost” only


FR Found: Animals reported by the public (status “Found”)


FR Found - In Care: This group comprises of impounded animals. It uses all of in care statuses, but only where the source equals one of the following sources (as/if utilised on your site): 

  • Agency
  • Ambulance
  • Ambulance - Owner Surrender
  • ACO Impound
  • Humane Officer 
  • Owner Surrender
  • Owner Surrender - ACO
  • Owner Surrender - Good Samaritan
  • Returns
  • Stray
  • Transfer In

The reason sources such as Owner Surrender and Returns are included is because sometimes an animal was found by a person as a stray, but they did not report it and after a time has elapsed it is legally considered "their" animal, however, that does not mean that someone isn't out there looking for it months or even years after it originally went missing. 


If any of the above give any cause for concern, please let us know and we will liaise with Petco Love Lost to negotiate excluding them for you. 

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