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This process describes how to add sales tax so it automatically calculates the correct amount to add to fees on your site.

You require access to the Administration menu to process this function.

Set Up GL Code

You must add the GL Code first before you can setup the tax rate.

  1. Go to the Administration menu and locate Edit Drop Down Lists.
  2. In the resulting list, locate the option for Accounts and click Add to add the GL Code for the state sales tax.
  3. GL Code field:  enter the actual account code (ex. 1000)
  4. Description field: will be the account description (ex. State Sales Tax)
  5. Select Cost Center field: choose from the drop-down menu
  6. Click Add Account Type button at bottom of the window to save this GL Code.


Step 1: Set up the Tax Type.

  1. Go to the Administration menu and locate the option Products & Services.
  2. In the resulting menu, locate Tax Types and click the option Add to add the actual tax rate percentage.
  3. Add the Tax Name (ex. State Sales Tax)
  4. Add the Tax Rate (ex. 8.95) %
  5. Add the GL Code (to do this, enter the first letter in the field, like s for sales tax, and this will pull up a drop-down of accounts from which you can select the appropriate code)
  6. The Tax Inclusive tick box allows you to calculate tax in different ways when adding products to the receipt:
    • If the tax is inclusive then the pre-tax price is calculated and deducted from the product price entered.
    • If the tax is exclusive then the tax is applied on top of the product price. 

Step 2: Adding Tax to a Product or Service.

  1. Go to the Administration menu and locate the option Products & Services.
  2. In the resulting menu, locate Products and click the option EditThis will display your current list of products in the system.
  3. Select the products that you wish to add a sales tax by clicking the Change Prices link next to the product name.
  4. Select the Physical Location from the drop-down list. Click the Select Product Price button.
  5. On the next screen:
    • If the tax is to display as part of the price, go to the Display Price Taxes box (middle of page, left-hand side).
    • If the tax is to display after the advertised price, go to the Post Display Price Taxes box (middle of the page, right-hand side).
  6. Select the tax level applicable to this product from the options added by placing a tick (check) mark in the box for that tax level 
  7. When you scroll down to view the prices, you will see they display in three columns: 
    • Price - Before Tax: the first column displays the price as originally set above, before any tax is applied.
    • Display Price: the second column displays the price + any Display Price Taxes that have been applied. This will be the price shown on the product when issued.
    • Prices - All Taxes: the final column will display the final price once all taxes have been added to the original price. This may be identical to the second column, or differently if  a Post Display Price Tax has been added.
  8. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Update Product button to save your changes.
  9. You will need to do this for each product that requires sales tax.
  10. Once taxes have been set up as per Step 1 above, this process can be done when initially adding a new product or service to your list, it doesn't have to be done only by editing existing products/services. 


This process adds tax to adoption fees that will display on adoption receipts and be auto-allocated to a tax GL Code. 

  1. Go to the Administration menu and locate Adoption Administration
  2. Select the option Adoption Fees.
  3. Select the Physical Location from the drop-down menu as appropriate to view fees. 
  4. Select an Animal Type from the drop-down list. 
  5. Click Add Fee link. In the fee pop-up window, add the sales tax amount in the Fee Amount field. (You will have to calculate this yourself based on the base adoption fee amount.) 
  6. Select a GL Code from the drop-down list.
  7. Click the Save button at the bottom of this window.
  8. If the Adoption Fee Description includes the adoption fee amount in the description and you would like to change the description to include the amount with tax, click the Edit link next to the Fee Description. Update the fee amount on the description and Save.
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