Equipment Loan / Hire


This process sets up items you may want to loan (free) or hire (for a fee) to staff, volunteers, members of the public or other stakeholders.

It helps you track items that have been loaned out and document proceeds from equipment hire.

It is linked to report 394 “Equipment Hire / Outstanding Report” (Reports > Administrator Reports Menu) which allows you to track not only how many items have been hired or loaned within a specific date bracket by region, but also how many are due back: regardless of whether or not they fall within the date bracket selected.

Set Up:

You require access to the Administration menu to process this function.


  1. From the Administration menu, click on Edit Drop Down Lists and find the option Equipment Loan / Hire Item.
  2. To Add an item:
    • Click the Add link and a pop up will deploy to enter the information for your new item.
    • Item: Enter the name of the Item to be hired (auto sentence case)
    • Default Date Out (number of days): if the item is to be hired for a specific number of days by default, enter that number here. This section is optional if the item may be hired for varying lengths of time on an ad hoc basis.
    • If your site is using the Products & Services module and you would like to issue a receipt for any Equipment Loan / Hire transactions (regardless of whether or not money changes hands) then ensure the box to Load products & services module after adding item is ticked.
    • Click Add Hire Item
    • If enabled for your site, the Products & Services module will load. Set up the item here and remember to enable it to be available via the Equipment Loan / Hire Person Category. (Note: for more information on products and services; please see the Quick Reference document Products & Services or contact If your site does not have this feature enabled, the Add Hire Item pop up box will simply close.
  3. To Edit an item:
    • Click the Edit link to deploy a pop up.
    • Item: select the item you wish to edit from the drop down.
    • New Item Description: enter the new description into this text box.
    • Default date out (number of days): change the number of days this item is defaulted to be hired out here.
    • Click Edit Hire Item to save your changes and close the pop up.
    • Note: these changes may affect existing records of this item being hired out.
  4. To Delete an item:
    • Click the Delete link to deploy the pop up.
    • Select the name of the item that is no longer required from the drop down box labelled
    • Click Delete Hire Item to remove the item and close the pop up.
    • Note: This will not affect existing receipts or hire history, it just means the item cannot be hired out in future.
  5. To Un-Delete an item:
    • If an item has been deleted in error, or if it once again becomes available for loan or hire, use the Un-delete option to open a pop up where you can correct this.
    • Select the item you need to return to the list of available items for loan or hire from the drop down. Only previously deleted items will be visible here.
    • Click Un-Delete Hire Item to save your changes and close the pop up.


To Loan or Hire out Equipment or Items:

  1. Search for the Person file of the person hiring the item.
  2. Use the Scroll to Bottom link to go to the bottom of the page and in the Person Categories section, locate and click on the link Equipment Loan/Hire
  3. Click Hire New Item
    1. Item Type: Select the item to be loaned or hired from the drop down.
    2. Inventory Item Code: If the item has an Inventory Item Code enter the details in the text box provided
    3. Date Out: Select the date the item was hired out.
    4. Item Due Back: Select the date the item is due back
    5. Returned Date: this is a placeholder that is only required when the item is returned. No information is required here at this time.
    6. Returned: this check box is a placeholder and not required until the item is returned.
    7. Comments: add any comments regarding the nature of the loan, the condition of the equipment or any other relevant information into this text box.
  4. Click Hire Item to save your changes and proceed.
  5. The next page will offer you a choice:
    1. Products / Services: if this is enabled for your site, this link will allow you to select fees for the hired item.
    2. Or, continue on to receipt page: Once all products / services are allocated, or if that module is not active on your site, click this link to proceed to the receipt page.
  6. Complete the receipt page as required and click Update and Print to generate a printable version for your client.

To Return an item:

  1. Search for the Person file of the person hiring the item.
  2. Use the Scroll to Bottom link to go to the bottom of the page and in the Person Categories section, locate and click on the link Equipment Loan/Hire
  3. Click the link View Hired History
    1. The page will display all items ever hired or loaned to that person. Find the item you are looking for from the list and click the Edit link on the left hand side.
    2. Locate the Returned Date section and click the calendar icon. Select the date the item was returned from the calendar.
    3. Place a check mark / tick into the box marked Returned to indicate the item is back in stock.
    4. Add any new comments as required into the Comments text box.
    5. Click Edit Item.
    6. A pop up will deploy asking if you would like to generate a deposit refund receipt. If you do not issue refunds, click Cancel to close the pop up and return to the Equipment Loan / Hire menu for that person.
    7. If you do issue refunds, click OK to proceed to a refund receipt page. Complete the details of the refund (remembering there is no need to use negative numbers: the system already recognizes this receipt is deducting the amount)
    8. Click Update and Print to generate a printable version for your client.


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  • Avatar
    Jerrica Owen

    Question - Lets say we have 20 feral traps we are going to loan out - is this something we would put in as options (Feral Trap #1, Feral Trap #2, etc) or do we just put in "feral trap" and keep manual record of the inventory? I am wondering because we have multiple campuses that are loaning out equipment and if "Feral Trap #1" is loaned out at one campus and another how does that work? Would i have to enter "Feral Trap #1 San Diego, Feral Trap #1 Escondido", etc?


  • Avatar
    Selena Reid

    When you're adding the item to the list of things that can be loaned out, you would simply label it "Feral Trap" for simplicity and to ensure it can be used across all your location.

    However, when processing the loan of the item, there are options to record elements such as an Inventory Item Code - a free text field designed for you to log inventory numbers so you can see exactly which items have been loaned - and also a Comments field so if you need to elaborate on the inventory item code you can.

    So for example, if each location simply numbers their traps 1, 2, 3 etc, then this might be their Inventory Item Code, but you could then identify them as belonging to San Diego or Escondido in Comments.

    Alternately, you might include a code for location in the Inventory Item Code, e.g. SD1 or E1.

    Item Codes and Comments appear on report 394 "Equipment Hire / Outstanding Report" to help you track your inventory.

    Hope that helps

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