Drug Useage Tracking Admin - Dispense Drug from Inventory


For best results, you will need to set up bottles to dispense into before you begin this process. For more information on how to set up bottles, click here

The following process is done via the Administration section.

  1. From the Welcome/Search page, click on the Administration link in the orange left-hand menu. 
  2. Click on the link Drug Administration
  3. When the Drug Administration menu loads, click on Drug Usage Tracking
  4. Click on the Dispense Drug from Inventory link.  This generates a popup window that will list the drugs that are in the system and an inventory what is available in stock.
  5. Locate the drug you wish to dispense in the list and click the link Dispense: a popup window will appear. 
    • If no bottles have been allocated, it should redirect to Add New Bottle to Inventory
  6. If you are not redirected, a new pop-up will appear. Complete the following: 
    • Available in Stock: displays the total number of the drug that is currently in stock. This is for your information only, so you can see how much you may dispense. 
    • Lot Number of Shipment: this will default.  Click on the down arrow to select a different lot number if this is incorrect.
    • Bottle Name: you will see the list of bottles that this drug can be distributed to.
    • Amount to Dispense: enter the amount that will be distributed to each bottle.  It is not necessary to enter an amount in every field, only those that apply.  As an amount is allocated to a bottle the total number in the Available in Stock field will reduce by that amount.
  7. Click Dispense.
  8. A validation message will appear: click Ok to close it. 
  9. The window will update to show three buttons. You can opt to add additional bottles, delete some, or just click Close Window to finish. 


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