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This procedure takes you through how to create a new product, add a fee and assign a default GL Code so the item will be available via any Product and Service link, and how to set preferences so you can nominate when and where the product can be available.

You require access to the Administration menu to utilise these options.

Setting Up:

Set Tax Types:

For more information on setting your tax types click this link: Products Services Adding Tax Types

    • NOTE: you will not be able to adjust the % amount for the tax once it has been saved, even by Editing. If the % needs to change, please contact

Price Levels:

Some locations offer different price levels for the same product, e.g. Pension Discounts or discounts for Volunteers or Staff. The Price Level option allows you to set up different price levels so the same item can easily be charged at different amounts depending on circumstance. These price levels are available against each product once they are entered into the Product and Services pop up on a Person or Animal Details page. There will always be a default price level (None) if no price levels have been set. This will default to the regular list price.

NOTE: There MUST always be at least one default price level to choose from or the module will not work properly, particularly with other modules such as scheduling. 

  1. From the Administration page, click the Products / Services link.
  2. Locate the line item Price Levels and click Add
    • In the first text box, enter the name of the price level.
    • Select an option from the drop down Work off Level:. This is the price the percentage or dollar value will be deducted from or added to. This is a mandatory step in setting up a price level.
    • Select from the drop down if the price level is an increase or a decrease from the regular list price.
    • Enter a percentage of the total dollar amount this price level will discount when applied OR
    • Enter a flat dollar value to be discounted off the list price when applied.
    • Click Add Price Level to save your changes.
  3. Alternately, click Edit against Price Levels to view existing taxes and make minor adjustments.

Product Groups:

Product Groups help you filter for and locate specific types of products from the main Products menu, and in Product & Services reports. This is especially useful if the list of products is long, or if you wish to target the activity or items relating to a specific process or department. (E.g. just Vet related fees)

  1. From the Administration page, click the Products / Services link.
  2. Locate the line item Product Group and click Add
    • Enter the name of your Product Group into the first text box. This should be something that will easily and logically identify these items later, and relate to the purpose of the item.
    • If the group is to be a main grouping, simply click Add Group to save and return to the Products menu.
    • If the group is to be a sub-grouping (e.g. if the main group is “Vet Products”, a sub-group may be “Medications” or “Vet Treatments”), then use the links below the Subgroup of box to select the primary group. Clicking on the main group will add it into the text box above. NB: by default, this list is collapsed, so only the original group of Products / Services will be visible. Expand to see other options by clicking on the (+) symbol on the left of the visible group heading.
    • Click Add Group to save and return to the Products menu.
  3. Alternately, click Edit against Tax Types to view existing taxes and make minor adjustments.

To Create a New Product:

  1. From the Administration page, click the Products / Services link.
  2. Select the Add option against Product.
  3. Once on the Products and Services page:
    • Enter the Product / Service name and Product Code. Select a Product Group from the tree view. 
    • Select all the locations which will sell this product.  You must select at least one, even if you only have one available.
    • Click the Add Product button.
  4. You will then come to a page with the product / service you just entered and a Physical Location drop down.  Select the location you would like to set the prices for and click Set Product Price.
  5. You will now be on the page to set prices for a product / service.
    • Check the relevant places the product should be sold out in the Select where this product can be sold from field.  For example, if it is a cremation fee, then you may need to sell it at both the Euthanasia and DOA locations so you would check both off.
    • Set the Cost price of the product / service and press the Cascade to price levels button.
    • Enter the Default GL Code / Account for sales of this product / service to allocate to.
    • Select any Display Price Taxes and Post Display Price Taxes which are applicable.
  6. For each location you selected at the top of the page, you will have a list of price levels for this product / service. 
    • To remove a price level for that product, simply uncheck the checkbox next to the price level. 
    • You can make changes to the prices here, if you make changes to the Retail price level then click the Cascade Price Levels button so other levels reflect the changes.
    • If the GL Code / Account for this location is different to the default one selected in step 6c then enter a new one in the GL Code / Account for this location field.
    • If you want the same prices for all other levels click the Apply for all locations button at the top right of the location you are editing.
  7. If you wish for all Physical Locations selling these products to share the same setup as you just entered then check the Apply changes to all regions selling this product checkbox at the base of the page.

To Edit an Existing Product

  1. From the Administration page, click the Products / Services link.
  2. Select the Edit option against Product.
  3. On the resulting page, you will see a list of all products and services currently entered. To refine this list, use the drop downs available at the top:
    • Show Products Available At will display all the links/processes the product is assigned to (e.g. Surrender, Vet Treatment, Additional Animal Products / Services etc.)
    • Set up for allows you to search by the Physical Location / Region the product is available at.
    • Product Group allows you to filter by products assigned to specific product groups - click an option from the product group tree to select it, or click Not Grouped to reset.
    • Added as allows you to filter by how the product was created, i.e. Vet Treatment, Medication, Clinic Procedure, Main Procedure. 
    • Show Active allows you to toggle between products currently set as Active, or find products that are Inactive (hidden), or display both. 
  4. For further assistance in locating the product you are looking for, press the Ctrl and F keys simultaneously to activate your browser's "Find" feature. Type a key element of the product into the text box and the browser will highlight it on the page for you. 
  5. Once you have located the product you wish to edit, you are presented with two options:
    • Edit - this link allows you to change all settings for this product: it's name, product code, product group, active status, and which locations it is offered at, and then progress to changing prices, GL codes and what processes/links the product is available to.
    • Change Prices will bypass the initial settings so you can target the price changes only. You will still be required to select a Physical Location / Region from the drop down (even if you only have one region) before you can proceed to the Change Price page.
    • NB: if the product is not currently assigned a Physical Location / Region, you will not be able to edit the prices. This usually occurs if the process of adding was begun but terminated before completion.
  6.  Once you have made any changes to the Product / Service, click Update Product to see the Return to Product Menu link. 


For Products & Services linked to Vet Treatments or Medications:

If you wish to link a new or existing Vet Treatment or Medication to a product so it auto-loads a fee whenever one is added to an Animal Vet Notes page so you can either charge to a client or simply track how much you are spending on any given animal, follow this process:

  1. From the Administration Menu, find Edit Drop Down Lists.
  2. Locate the heading Vet Treatments or Medication as required
  3. To add a new treatment, click on the Add link and enter the information as normal. Click Edit to save.
  4. Make sure pop ups are enabled for your site (otherwise the Products & Services component won’t load). If they are blocked, a bar should appear in the box that tells you that a treatment has been added/updated warning you that a pop up has been blocked and offering a button to allow them.
  5. Once the treatment/medication is loaded, a pop up will deploy displaying a page from the Products & Services module. A title for the treatment/medication you have just added will appear in the text box at the top. NB: correctly entered treatments will apply the animal type assigned as a prefix to the treatment in question e.g. Dog-Rabies Vaccine.
  6. Add a Product Code if required
  7. Select a Product Group by clicking on the links below the box. When you click on a link, the details will display in the Product Group box.
  8. Select which Region(s) the item is to be available to and Update Product to proceed.
  9. The next page will ask you which of the regions you selected on the previous page you would like to start with. Select your choice from the drop down presented (even if you only have one region).
  10. Click Set Product Price to continue.
  11. From here, follow steps 5-7 as noted in the top section of this document.
  12. Once you have completed updating the products with the Update button at the bottom of the page, close the pop up box and repeat as necessary.
  13. You can also Edit existing treatments or medications and by following this path: find the product you wish to apply a fee to using Edit Drop Down Lists> Vet Treatment or Medication > Edit link > search for the species required, then the treatment or medication in the drop down boxes presented. Then simply clicking the Edit button at the bottom of the treatment’s display (without changing anything else) you can follow the same path described above to add fees to treatments or medications that already exist or to amend any that were previously set up.

To apply Products and Services directly to an Animal’s file, look for the Sell Product / Service link in the right hand Animal Menu from the Animal Details main page or the Medical Details Page. This will launch a pop up where you can search for the product by typing in part of the name and clicking find (assisted by auto-complete). Click Add Product to add to the Existing Products list. This list will remain in situ until the product/service is charged out to a receipt.

You can delete products from this list using the Del link at the end of the row. 

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