Animal Socialization Questions


The Socialisation Questions are a series of self-maintained questions intended to relate to human interactions with animals while they are in care. This may mean simple records of how many walks and play sessions the pet gets every day, or it may be a more structured record of specialised training sessions used to track the progress of an animal through a behavioural program. 

The link will only display in the Animal Menu IF there are questions entered: if there are no questions, the link is automatically hidden. 

To add questions to this page, go into AdministrationQuestion and Form Administration (click for help) and select the option Animal Socialization Questions Administration.

There are no hard-coded (default) questions for this page, but basic information (Tag number, Type, Breed, Name, Animal ID, Age and Gender) is displayed at the very top of the page. 

The page automatically keeps history, like the Behaviour Assessment page, so you can track an animal's progress over time. 

It is, however, programmed to clear immediately once saved in case several records are required on the same day.  


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