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Reports are constantly being updated and changed for Shelter Buddy, so this list is subject to change without notice.

Updated June 2017


Adoption Rabies Certificates (Report 371)
This report allows all rabies certificates for animals adopted on a specific date, or for a specific animal id.

Animals Vaccinated or Desexed By Internal / External Sources ( Report 722)
This report loads animals based on vet treatment given date or the desex date. it is used to track how busy a clinic is for external and internal clinic services.

  • The date range will be based on the date the animal was given a vaccination or the date the animal was desexed.
  • The region filter will be based off the animals incoming region.
  • The source filter will be the animals incoming source that it had while it was given the treatment or while it was desexed (whichever reason the animal is showing on the report).
  • If an animal was desexed and given a treatment during the selected date range, the animal will only be shown once.
  • If an animal was given multiple treatments during the date range, the report will only show the animal once, and each treatment and date given will be listed underneath each other within the same row and same cell.
  • Only the treatments will show that were given during the date range selected in the report(ie. not every single treatment given to the animal will show)
  • The report will be grouped by external (source of clinic) or internal (not source of clinic), and then grouped by animal type.

Awaiting Spay/Neuter Report (Report 553)
This report is a:
• Listing of cats/dogs that have been put on status of 'awaiting spay/neuter' during a given period
• Then sorted by their final status e.g. "euthanized", "adopted", "awaiting adoption", etc.
• Then sorted on 'euthanasia reason'.

Awaiting Surgery Kennel Card Report (Report 653)
Animals that have a status of Awaiting Spay/Neuter or Awaiting Surgery.

Black Tag Contact List (Report 116)
Deprecated Report

Black Tag Status Report (Report 111)
Deprecated report

Cleaning Requirements (Report 43)
Deprecated Report – replaced by Report 701 “Cleaning Report”

Drug Usage Tracking (Report 213)
This report tracks the use of restricted drugs. It is designed to be compared against other hardcopy records to ensure that the quantities used are tracked accurately.

Exercise Diary (Report 45)
Deprecated report

Medication Requirements (Report 387)
This report will display animals that require medications within a date range.

Medications Due to Finish (Report 459)
This report displays all medications that are due to be stopped within a date range. This is calculated from the "End Date" field when adding a Medication.
Rabies Vaccines Given for Adopted, RTO and Clinic Pets (Report 696)
This report provides a selection of data regarding animals that received a rabies vaccine while in the care of the shelter, and the pet was either adopted or returned to owner, or the vaccine was given during a clinic visit.
This report looks at animals with any of the adopted statuses, any of the return to owner statuses, or the status of Information with source of Clinic. Pets with the outgoing status (adopted, returned to owner) must also have received a rabies vaccination between the date they came in (in Source History) and the day they left the shelter (outgoing status date). Pets that have source of Clinic and status of Information must have also received a rabies vaccine within the day of their visit.


  • Date Range is the status date in status history for the statuses listed.
  • Region is the region stored in status history associated with the statuses listed.
  • Animal Group looks at the animal type in status history.

Field Notes

  • The person information is the one in Owner History tied to the status in status history.
  • Co-Owner is the spouse listed on the Person Page.
  • Address fields are the physical address of the person associated with the animal.
  • Spayed: an x is placed in this field if the animal is female and the Spay/Neutered field is marked Yes.
  • Neutered: an x is placed in this field if the animal is male and the Spay/Neutered field is marked Yes.
  • Rabies Due Date is the due date furthest in the future (in case there are multiple due dates).

Additional Note: For clean export to Excel, use the advanced export to excel icon and uncheck all the options.

Scheduled Surgery Report (Reports 181)
This report shows either in care animals or adopted animals with a Spay/Neuter (or Desex) Due Date in the range selected. The Due Date is shown on the Animal Details Page. The in care or adopted status for filtering the report is the current status shown on the Animal Details Page. The owner is the person currently linked to the animal. For in-care animals, the region is the current region as shown on the Animal Details Page; for adopted animals, it is the region adopted from. If you have the deposit module enabled, The Deposit Range is the deposit date range entered during the adoption process; if the deposit module is disabled the Deposit Range shows the date the animal was adopted.
NOTE: uses the old Scheduled Surgery system, not the newer Scheduling system.

Scheduled Surgery Report (Scheduling System) (Reports 182)
Similar to the above, this report also uses the old scheduling system to find animals that have a Spay/Neuter (Desex) Date entered on their Animal Details page. However, it will only operate for a single date at a time and uses Clinic rather than Region to find results.

Sick Return Report (Report 54)
This report finds information entered in the Sick Return section of the Medical Notes page (very bottom of the page). Deprecated report replaced by more advanced Clinic reports.

Spay / Neuter Statistics (Report 610)
A statistical report counting all spays (female) and neuters (male) performed in a date range by animal type.

Selection Parameters

  • Date Range is the spay/neuter (desex) date
  • Region is the region stored in Source History or transfer history dated closest before the spay/neuter date.
  • Origin is shown on the Medical Notes page.
  • Clinic is the Clinic Name shown on the Medical Notes page
  • Animal Type is as of the Animal Details page, but puppies and kittens are classified by their age at the time of the spay or neuter.

Spay/Neuter Report (Report 6)
This report shows details for animals which were spay / neutered during the specified date range. If physical location is used as a filter then it will search for matches based on the following fields in order:

  1. Physical location of the animal at the time of the last status change in the system prior to the spay/neuter date
  2. The current physical location of the animal
  3. The region from which the animal was entered into the system

Using the shelter location filter will only search for animals currently in that shelter location.
The filter "Show clinic entered at:" will load the spay/neuter clinic that is entered via the scheduling module or the clinic entered on the medical notes page.

State Veterinary Requirements Request (Report 571)
This report shows animal information required if request anytime by a citizen about an animal.

Suture Removal Report (Report 520)
This report shows the suture removal date for animals from the vet notes page.

Unvaccinated Animals Report (Report 417)
This report provides a list of animals currently in care where the selected vet treatments have not been given or the due date has passed for the selected treatments. Although this report was intended for vaccinations, you may select any vet treatment.

Selection Parameter Notes

  • Current Region, Shelter Location, Animal Type, Feral, and In Care Status are all as shown on the Animal Details Page
  • Foster Status allows you to include, exclude or focus on animals in foster. The filter is based on the current status.
  • Vet Treatments allows you to select specific vaccinations, tests, or treatments to study. This is recommended. If you do not select any items you will see only animals who have no treatments entered, or that have past due treatments.
  • Due Date Before: Vaccinations, tests, or treatments due on or before this date will be shown, as they are considered past due. This allows you to catch up to the end of the week for example. If you clear this date no past due treatments will show.

Field Notes

  • Incoming From Name is the person or organisation at the time of incoming.
  • Incoming City State Zip is their physical address or mailing address if no physical address exists.

Vaccination Reminder Letter (Report 508)
This report displays the Vaccination Reminder Letters for Adopted Animals where one or more vaccinations are due. The list of vaccinations due is displayed on each letter.

Vet Consultation Listing (Report 552)
This report shows vet consultations over a selected time period with the diagnosis recorded.

  • Vet Consult date is the date of consultation (and is used for the date range selection).
  • Physical Location / Shelter Location are those at the time of consultation, and may not be the animal's current location.
  • Hold Date is the date the animal's status changed to Hold In Vet Care.
  • Next Status is the status following the Hold in Vet Care status and its date. NOTE: the report shows all status changes to Hold in Vet Care for the animal ID, along with the following status. There could be multiple entries here.
  • Current Status / Date are those shown on the Animal Details page.
  • Diagnosis / Differential Diagnosis is those listed for that particular vet consultation. If you have selected one or more particular diagnoses, then just those vet consultations with those diagnoses will display however you will see all the diagnoses that were entered for that consult.
  • Show One Consultation Per Animal Only: if this box is checked, then only the most recent consultation will be displayed for each animal, even if there are multiple consultations for that animal within the selected time period.

Vet Product Detail List (Report 680)
This report lists the prices of products associated with the veterinary areas (vet treatments, medications, procedures, and products). It allows you to filter the result by region, product classification, locations it is available from and product group/s it belongs to. Vet Treatments and Main Procedures may also include filter and order by Animal Type.

Vet Related Drop Down Lists (Report 645)
This report provides a complete list of the drop down values entered in Shelter Buddy for some vet-related fields. The lists can be edited using Admin - Edit Drop Down Lists.

Vet Reminder Report (Report 96)
This Report displays animal care comments that are entered on the vet consultation page (within the medical notes page).

Vet Test Tracking Report (Report 723)
This report allows you to select a test and a result and show the animal details, it's outcome, owner details, the result of the test and a total.

  • Excludes deceased animals
  • The date range will be based on when the test was given to the animal
  • The region filter is based on the animals most recent status history physical location, ie if it's in care it will be the current location if it's adopted it will be based on where it was adopted from.

Vet Treatments Due (Report 7)
This report displays animals that are due for a vet treatment or have their stitches removed in the given date range.


  • Select a Physical Location in order to select a Shelter Location
  • The person ID shown is the person currently connected to the animal
  • The animal type displayed is the current type shown on the Animal Details Page.
  • Vet Treatment Status Filter can be used to streamline your return by setting it to show only Active Treatments, only Inactive treatments or both simultaneously. Inactive treatments are treatments that have been deleted from your treatment lists, but may have been administered to an animal in the past.
  • The include/exclude foster filter is based on the current status of the animal.

Vet Treatments Given (Report 8)
This report displays animals that were given a particular vet treatment within the date range selected.

Vet Treatments Given Summary (Report 55)
This report gives the total number of vet treatments given broken up by vet treatment type.

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