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The Inspector Checklist is a series of tasks that a Humane Officer or ACO may need to complete in the course of an investigation. Checklist items appear on the Inspection Details page and may be reported using report 39 "Inspection Checklist".

Setting up:

To set up Inspector Checklists, you must have access to the Administration menu.

  1. From the Welcome / Search Page, click the Administration link in the orange left hand Menu.
  2. In the resulting menu, find and click on the option Dispatch Administration OR Edit Drop Down Lists.
  3. Find and click on the option Dispatch Inspector Checklist.  
  4. This is a quick entry list, so all you need to do to enter a new option is place your cursor in the text box, type the item (be sure to use correct case) and hit the Enter key. 
  5. To edit an existing item, hover your mouse cursor over the item until a small pencil icon appears on the left.
    • Click the icon to open the text box and make your changes
    • To hide the item so it no longer shows, until the box in the Show column
    • To save your changes, click the green tick icon on the right of your item.
    • To discard your changes, click the red cross icon on the right of your item. 

On the Inspection Details Page:

The Inspector Checklist appears in between the man Inspection Details box and the Breaches box on the Inspection Details page:

Click here for information on how to add Inspection DetailsAdd Inspection / Follow-up Details

Note: report 39 "Inspection Checklist" runs from the date the job was added, not the date the Inspection was added. 



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