Do Not Adopt List


Adopters in a "DO NOT ADOPT" list are those adopters that the shelter staff deems to have red flags and may not be suitable to adopt a pet at this time.

You can put an adopter in a "Do Not Adopt" list when archiving an application by checking off the "Add adopter to the Do Not Adopt List" option, like in the example below.

When you click on the Archive button for an application, you will see a small "Do not adopt" checkbox with the following title: Put this adopter in the Do Not Adopt list.

If you confirm it, that adopter will be added into the list, and for every new adoption application they submit, you will receive a warning message like the one below to let you know they shouldn't adopt.

Are the adopters placed on the “Do not adopt” able to submit an adoption application?

  • Yes, they are. We don't prevent people to submit adoption applications if they are in a Do Not Adopt List, not to create a bad user experience for the user.

  • It is up to the shelter to see that information and decide how to proceed in regards to that.

And it is on your end that this information is made available, like in the example below, making sure to alert you before you process the adoption application.

Is there an alert message when adopters placed on the “Do not adopt” list try to submit an adoption application?


  • Yes, shelter staff would see an alert message as soon as they open the adoption application

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