Adoption Progress Bar


The Progress Bar is the Adopets' feature that shows you the current status of the adoption process at a glance.

It has six (6) main categories: Application, Review, Approval, Contact, Checkout, and Adoption Completion.

It's also important to take note of the colors on the bar and what they mean:

Gray = Not Started

Green = Completed

Yellow = Next Step

Step 1: Application

The process starts off with an application Pending for a shelter's review.

Once the shelter starts the review process, the Review section is now marked Green.

From here, the staff member has the option to either Archive or Approve the entry.

Tip: For Archived/Cancelled Applications, fellow staff members can review notations by hovering over this icon

Step 2: Approval

Once approved, the system automatically sends over the results to the adopter's email (this is also the case when an application is not approved)

This step involves scheduling a phone interview with the shelter via a scheduler/calendar link that accompanies the email.

Step 3: Contract Signing

If both parties are in accord, the next step is for the adopter to sign the contract to progress the bar further.

The link to the contract can be found either in the adopter's email or under the Active Applications Tab for the adopter.

Step 4: Checkout and Confirming Adoption

Once the contract has been signed, the adopter then has to complete the last step which is the Checkout.

Not only do adopters have the option to pay for the adoption, but they also have the option to "add items" onto their cart before checking out. Items such as food, treats, toys, collars, leashes, cat litter, and pet carriers (items may vary depending on the shelter and availability).

When the transaction is fully paid, the staff then has the option to "Confirm Adoption" which will indicate that the process, including the pickup of the pet, is now complete.

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