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Our partner Adoptimize is an animal shelter software that automates better intake photos to increase adoption rates and reduce shelter operating costs. They’re looking for shelters to try their technology and provide feedback.

This is how Adoptimize works:

  1. Best shot selection: Using a webcam, the software takes a video and selects the best shots from the video
  2. Automatic editing: Adoptimize automatically edits the images
  3. Direct posting online: Adoptimize posts the edited images to ShelterBuddy - no more manual photography or uploads!

The Adoptimize pilot in Palm Valley Animal Society in Texas (PVAS) is driving dramatic change: in the first month, PVAS dogs saw a 30% increase in adoption rates, a 33% reduction in length of stay, and a 31% reduction in euthanasia. By the third month, adoption rates were up 127% and online engagement doubled. You can see the transformation below.


Adoptimize is looking for shelters with an intake of 1,000+ dogs per year that are interested in piloting it and providing feedback.

If you are interested in piloting this software, contact us at

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