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Report Administration allows you to pre-set certain defaults on our most popular reports so you don't have to keep selecting your organisations preferred options every time your users run the report. 


To perform this task, you will need access to the Administration menu.

From the Welcome / Search page:

  1. Click the Administration link in the left hand menu
  2. When the menu loads, use the search feature locate Report Administration
  3. The top of the page covers various settings that may or may not be in use for your site. 
  4. Look for the heading Individual Report Defaults and run down the list to find the report title you are looking for, or use your browser's Ctrl+F feature to find the item more quickly. 
  5. Click on the link to open your report's settings
  6. The landing page will show a list of the Fields that can be selected to show for this report. Click the boxes to select the most commonly chosen fields, or use the Select All box to mark all boxes simultaneously. 
  7. Click Apply if that is all that is required. 
  8. If you would like to set default for the drop-downs that govern how the report is grouped and/or ordered, click the link Set group by and order by defaults* found at the top of the page. 
    • *Options here will only be available if the report in question has group by and order by options. If the report in question does not offer these options, you will see only a message telling you the feature is not available for this report. 
  9. Group by Default: click the down arrow to select your preference on how you would like the report to be grouped from the available options. 
  10. Order by Default: click the down arrow to select your preference on how you would like the report to be ordered from the available options. 
  11. Neither of the above options is mandatory: you may choose one, or the other, both, or neither. 
  12. Click the Save Button to save your choices. You should see a green Defaults Saved success message. 
  13. Click the breadcrumbs to navigate away from this page. 

You can change or remove your defaults at any time. If no defaults are selected, these lists will display alphabetically.


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