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Dispatch Job Notes are designed to keep running notes on the job in question. Each note added is saved in history, where it can be viewed by clicking the (H) history link next to the Job Details heading. It will show a running tally of how many notes have been saved to history via a number indicator with the history link. 

Any information that needs to be shared before the job is assigned to the officer (or at least in the first instance when the job is initially recorded) should be recorded here. The intention of the field is to primarily describe the circumstances of the job (the reason it was taken) and record any pertinent information to officer may need to be aware of, including subsequent attempts to contact partner agencies by support staff. 

We recommend that subsequent, ongoing notes be placed in the Ongoing Dispatch Notes field, however, this is open to local processes, of course.

To add a note, simply type into the text field and save the job by clicking the Submit button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I edit a Dispatch Job Note?

A. Qualified Yes. 

You can edit the note by clicking the (H) history link and clicking the Edit link for the note you would like to amend. However, only the text can be altered: the date/time the note was added and the user who added it cannot be amended. 


Q. Can I delete a Dispatch Job Note?

A. No. 

For security reasons, dispatch job notes cannot be deleted, except by Shelter Buddy programmers. If you make a mistake and add a note to the wrong file, the recommended course of action is to simply remove the text and save it as a blank note. 

Alternately, you can email support@shelterbuddy.com to request the note be removed, but the development team's ability to do so will be dependant on their time pressures, so this would be unlikely to be done immediately and may take some time before they can get to it. 


Q. How many characters can I enter into the Job Notes/Ongoing Note fields?

A. The Job Details field has a limit of 8,000 characters. If you attempt to enter more than 8,000 characters you get a pop-up validation message warning you that there is a limit of 8,000 characters and to keep the entry under that. NOTE: every time you save, this field will clear, so if your notes ARE longer than this, you can enter them in batches. 
The Ongoing Notes field accepts 6,000 characters, but again, you will get a validation message to warn you of this if you go over that number. 

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