Introducing Maddie's Pet Assistant


Maddie's® Pet Assistant (MPA) is a FREE app, developed by Maddie's Fund®, to follow up with adopters and foster caregivers once a pet is placed in their new permanent or temporary home. 

Adjusting to having a new pet in the home can be difficult for both the caregiver and the pet, and having reliable resources available to the caregiver can help ease concerns, and empower caregivers with knowledge and practical information.

Once your organisation's data is imported to the MPA website, your caregivers will receive an email with guidance on how to download and log into the app. From here they will be prompted to enter data on health and behaviour on specific days throughout the first month of care and receive immediate advice and guidance addressing their concerns. 

Other benefits:

  • Automatic vaccination reminders
  • Weight tracking
  • Pet bio, photo and video submissions
  • Adoption experience data, and more…

For information on how to test the system before you sign up, go to

If you'd like to sign up for this system, contact! 

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