Introducing Adopets!


Our goal at Shelter Buddy is to make running your shelter easier for you. To help do that we’re proud to announce a partnership with Adopets. Adopets provides an easy to use adoption management system that works seamlessly with Shelter Buddy to make adoptions fast, efficient, and enjoyable.


Adopets is free for shelters and signing up will not increase your Shelter Buddy costs.

Adopets is an innovative adoption platform that helps shelters to:

  • Efficiently manage the full adoption process online​
  • Automate adoption emails to improve employee productivity
  • Collaborate across team members
  • Provide customers with a mobile app and intelligent search of pets
  • Collect donations at the point of adoption
  • Report on adoptions
  • Automate ShelterBuddy's Outcome with all the information about adopter, payment and pet's outcome.

Adopets links to your Shelter Buddy site via an API. This connection pushes your pets to the Adopets adoption sites. Your customers can then apply for a pet they like online. 



The Adopets site displays pets in a user-friendly way that customers respond to and is intuitive to use.


To apply for a pet, they click on the animal they like to view more information, see associated fees and conditions and so on, and if they think it would be a good match, they click on the Apply to Adopt button to go the application page.


The application is of your design. It includes any questions or information you need to ask to assess your adoptions. 


Once the application is completed, the customer receives a confirmation message that it was sent and can review or remove their application at any time. 

This information appears at the Shelter Admin end as a new application for a pet, which you can view and then either approve or decline.

Once logged into the Adopets site, you will see a Dashboard which shows you updates on what is happening and allows you to navigate your organisation's data easily:


New notifications appear as an alert on the dashboard that you can review immediately, or view later by clicking the Applications link in the menu. 

Applications can be viewed either by the person making the application or by the pet in question so you can easily organise your approach to reviewing them. 

To review an application, click on Start Review to see the data from their application:


Adopets is designed to compliment your adoption process, with approval management designed to improve efficiency by eliminating paper applications and providing real-time insight into applications and next steps.

Your team can collaborate on adoptions via a private message thread for each application, ensuring everyone knows what's happening in every stage of the application. 

During the review, the animal and the application are marked "under review" so both your team and your customers know where it's up to. 

Each application has options to either Decline or Approve in the top right corner - it's as simple as clicking a button!

Once approved, the customer is notified and sent information to finalise paperwork and payments. Any other applications for that pet are automatically closed, and the applicants notified of the reason. 

Payments and signatures are made through the Adopets portal so it is all done online and securely - it even prompts the customer for a donation!

All that remains is for the customer to arrange an appointment to collect and soon the animal is on its way to a brand new life!

Simple, seamless. 


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